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maths – poem

January 31, 2014

My heart
Tangent of my soul
Dividing not
My compass and shared strength
Let’s go forth and multiply our love


From → poetry, romance

  1. I like your clever use of words and as you’ve proven, maths can be simple if we start with the right numbers.

  2. Smart poem, indeed. I like your Maths, not dividing but multiplying love!

  3. Yes, I go along with the multiplying of love!

  4. You took my truth and stated it eloquently.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  5. Multiply the feelings to be more than just sustenance! Very appropriate! Nicely , billgncs!


  6. This kind of math I can do. Thanks for the lesson.

  7. That is a fine observance. When we stop commenting each other and start loving, we grow. Nice.

    I hope you present rhythm and rhyme one day! *smile*

  8. Some say, all that we treasure in this world, art, faith, truth–when it is rendered down to its essence we will find Math; though it never was my long pair of pants in school, I get it; suffering because I have the mechanical aptitude of a fruit fly, always the victim perhaps.

  9. hisfirefly permalink

    love this multiplication!

  10. Liking the equation & sum of that ~

  11. Squaring my shoulders
    I admit you wrecked the angle of my heart.
    I hadn’t factored in how prime you were
    And our lives have intersected ever since.
    It may not seem rational
    But we do have many common factors
    So it all adds up.


  12. Our lives can never be a zero – for a zero has no value – oh, how I love math πŸ™‚

  13. Math???? i thought. However now things add up! Great piece, Bill!

  14. ha. i like….we just taught sin, cos and tan to the kids this week…fun play

  15. ah – that’s the kind of math i like…smiles

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