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it rained last night – dverse poem

January 30, 2014

We used to say it rained last night. You know, you stop at the red-light and there’s the big Mercury sedan with the girl sitting so close to the driver.

It rained last night and they left the windows down. He must sit on the wet seat to drive but she scoots over to the dry spot just beneath his right arm while he one-hands the wheel. Each right turn centrifical force pulls her closer, closer to his heart.

We’d crank the windows down, no air-conditioning then, let the wind caress our hair, flying down old country roads, taking our half out of the middle, radio blaring, singing loud, chasing dreams, running nowhere. Still, the road always ends.

After pizza at the covered bridge we’d find our spot off of old route 84. We’d talk, whisper hopes with the stars our canopy sitting in that old car with the long bench seat. Moonlight made us reckless, crazy. Moon lit eyes see hunger and desire, illuninate the aura of forever to the young. So soft, so lovely – not harsh like the flashlight of the policeman.

I heard it rained last night. Not to worry, I keep the windows up.


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  1. ahh, this reminds me of my college days (they actually weren’t ‘that’ long ago). such young romance with talk of car seats and the rainy day (or maybe not so rainy).

    i am enjoying your poems very much!

    stacy lynn mar

  2. That flows so amazingly smoothly, I can hardly tell the difference between prose and poetry. Well done!

    • thanks — as Tolkien once said, the praise of the praiseworthy is beyond all reward.

  3. Such a nice, romantic thought that you carried throughout – such lovable moments, rich details, one would like to live again.

  4. LOVE it…you took me back to those days, my days! This was such a fun read, Bill.

  5. hypercryptical permalink

    A wonderful story rich in memories. I vaguely remember those kind of nights…oh to be young and carefree again…
    Anna :o]

    • a rousting by the police sharpens some memories… but yes Anna – to be young and carefree once more…

  6. So beautiful…this takes me back to high school, hanging out with my best guy friend in his old pickup truck… talking for hours about nothing and everything.

  7. Misspent youth somewhere here

  8. lovely poem. I still remember seeing young couples driving in pickup trucks where both of them practically shared the driver’s seat.

  9. oh God..that brings back a wonderful memory.. my nerdy self in high school..with my also be spectacled nerdy girl friend..driving to a football game..on some rural my 1970 white horse having difficulty keeping the aim of the steering wheel..straight..with my ‘friend’ getting ‘closer’…

    A stern looking policeman stops us and shines a flashlight in the car..and say oh young man i see ya got a girl friend there..
    and smiles..and says be careful and have fun..

    And lets us freely carry on as we where…

    i guess..those are..the good ole’ days..when even law still
    Andy Griffith style..:)

    • yes – Andy Girffith style, it was a good time.

      A Maverick — If I recall you could geta new one for $1,999.00 πŸ™‚

      Thanks for sharing your story

  10. I understand rain is funny to a sunny.

  11. It’s so much fun to be delving back and smiling quietly reflecting again of the wonderful times when we were young! Wonderful take bill!


  12. This was excellent I did so enjoy your prose poem. Well done.

  13. When the policeman kills the joy—ah, that sucks! Great telling.

  14. Not part of my youth, I fear – so few of us had cars back then. But I loved the contrast with ‘nowadays’ and keeping the window up.

  15. Lovely: you made me feel so young!

  16. I remember those carefree days….I might even remember old hwy 84 ..only we called it the gravel pit overlook of the river πŸ˜‰

  17. you captured my youth and I shall try and hold onto it..oh and the moon has the same affect on me ~ smiles

  18. We used to call the passion pits “sleepy hollow” & the “submarine races”. We did things in those bench seats, especially the big Buick back seats, with girl’s feet on the dash, that would activate air bags today; and what I remember on rainy nights was how steamy it got in that car if you left the windows up, & how cold the breeze was on naked butts when you rolled them down a crack; and of course, the cop raids were always a game changer; nice prose poem.

    • it was a different level of alive – the immortality of the moment ruled and those machines were our steeds.

      Thanks for stopping by Glenn

  19. oh, what bucket seats have stolen from us…

  20. well i thought i left a comment here earlier but obviously it did not take?
    there is def nostalgia in this for me…of the crazy days of my youth….those first
    forays into love…and i might have met a few of those flashlights along the way
    as well…smiles.

    • thanks ( twice ) – I still wonder how that cop found us.
      Somebody had to call him.

  21. Ah, I remember it just as you said – yes loved the rainy nights, the starry nights, the big sky, the white line in the center of the road, the lights from a hilltop and the smell of the plains. It seems this is a memory that unites us..thank you.

  22. Left-hand-drive and a bench seat…..those were the days πŸ™‚
    Nicely depicted.

  23. I was wondering why the car seat was wet. πŸ™‚


  24. what a cool conceit – it must have rained last night. well-played πŸ™‚ ~

  25. I enjoyed the scene your portrayed! “chasing dreams, running nowhere.” – the carefree spirit of the young is well conveyed in a few words.

  26. I enjoyed the evening. Such a beautiful scene of youth (I presume) you portrayed….and oh, I can imagine the flashlight of the policeman! Ugh, an unpleasant interruption for sure.

  27. ARose permalink

    I’m giggling at the way this is true, the careless & reckless abandon gone, but yes, perhaps keep the windows down every now & again.

  28. don’t keep the windows up…. we def. need that bit of everyday craziness and pizza under a covered bridge and even the flashlight of the policeman…ha.. made me smile… i will crank the windows down tonite…smiles

    • it was much easier to be reckless in love before seat belts and bucket seats in cars.

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