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choices – dverse

January 25, 2014

Desire evolves
Past want, beyond fear, above thought
What can restrain us?

Duty draws forth
a quiet voice within our heart
truth shouting softly


From → dverse, haiku, poetry

  1. Thought provoking indeed.

  2. “past want”
    past reason too I would suppose

    power in carefully placed words

  3. Powerful verse!

    And thanks very much for your fun contribution to this week’s Limerick-Off!

  4. Not easy ..thought provoking.

  5. Truth is most powerful when it shouts softly.

  6. Succinct and balanced, highlighting the opposite forces so well.

  7. Yes, nicely penned!

  8. Duty and desire are sure two that need to balance or tough road indeed

  9. Very interesting to think about the contrasts between desire and duty…..and the choices people make considering each!

  10. To need restrain
    is just a pain.
    Then better be

    |:·. † .·:| 🙂

  11. truth, desire, duty, nicely done and with a consciousness of our frailty.

  12. mmm there is def a line between desire and buty and not an easy one to walk at times either…i like the shouting softly too…as it wont make you listen…

  13. Nice balance between desire and duty! I feel that keeping the right kind of balance between the two takes a life time.

  14. duty and desire…. oh both have strong weapons and the battle can be tough at times…it’s good to listen to this quiet voice truth then… or wisdom… surely helps to make a wise decision…

  15. How duty put the chains on desire.. So much truth in this… How great when they can be combined

  16. I read ~ I ponder ~ desire holds no bounds ~ nicely penned bw

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