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The last of the wine – dverse twitter

January 9, 2014

How are dinosaurs born ?
Who once embraced the avant garde
Did they know
They’ve tasted
The last of the wine ?


From → dverse, poetry

  1. I wonder…do we ever know when we have tasted the last ‘wine’ in our own lives as well? Thought provokig poem here.

  2. Ha. What’s popular today, is extinct tomorrow. 🙂

  3. othermary permalink

    I do hope the wine does not become extinct.

  4. Hi Bill,
    Sometimes the wine creates the dinosaur.

  5. I’d like to go out with a bottle of wine – dinosaur or not…
    Anna :o]

  6. oh the Dinosaurs! it always intrigues me, their ending.

  7. they must have been wonderful creatures…beginnings and endings indeed…

    • don’t you know a dinosaur ? Perhaps they don’t even realize that the metamorphosis has occurred.

      thanks for stopping by.

  8. No, they didn’t know they had tasted the last of the wine…for sure!

  9. I’d like to go out with a nice bottle of wine…when the time comes.

  10. I like the unexpected & unexplained ~ Cheers for your twitter poem ~

  11. I think you’re onto something.. Blame the wine.

  12. This was a great. I liked how you made me think as I read.

  13. Poor dino-souls! Fortunately when this glass is finished, there’s another bottle!

  14. Who would have thought? I enjoyed the unexpected combination of tweets.

  15. Hope it was a great red!! 🙂


  16. ha. ok, help me link these concepts…smiles…
    was learning about dinosaurs in science class today…
    no dont let it be the last….lets
    get new wineskins…smiles.

  17. Beginnings and endings … who knows how or when they come?

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