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christmas lights – poem dverse

January 6, 2014

lights sparkle in your eyes
the tree adorned
children gently snore.
It is then I understand
the beauty of unwrapping.


From → dverse

  1. Sweet, sexy, playful … I love this! And as a parent of six TOTALLY get this.

  2. Ahh..presents..and Santa..a magickal..truly sparkling moment of life..full of belief..

    But a lesson to be learned when the truth of Santa is evident…that the belief was the magic part..
    that brings the truer beauty of life…

    As simply MagicK!

    Happy New Year 2Ya2!014!

  3. The ghost of Christmas present.

  4. perfect and lovely and a hint of sensuality ~ nicely done

  5. Sweet and perfect 🙂

  6. For me, the most perfect time of Christmas was Christmas eve, my son sleeping, fire glowing in the fireplace, room lit by the lights of the tree and the candles on the mantle. Peaceful, almost magical. I take the “unwrapping” to mean much more than the literal. There is surely a subtle, almost sensual undercurrent to the reference. Sweetly captured.

  7. hisfirefly permalink

    brief, true, lovely
    there is more to unwrap than we can imagine

  8. There is so much that can be said in that which is left unsaid. Loved this!

  9. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    I tend to write long-winded epic poetics. Sometimes it is refreshing to stumble upon five lovely lines that convey so much; nice job–though after the unwrapping for me the clean up was always a drag, an anti-climax as it were.

  10. And I loved unwrapping this! Good things come in small packages!

  11. Absolutely wonderful little piece. 🙂

  12. Nice and certainly enticing, and as Janet said, sexy.

  13. Five lines of very fine and subtle poetry.

    • thanks – I suppose long poems are a marathon and my stride falters after the first stanza.

  14. Simply gorgeous.

  15. I like the very subtle sensuality of you poem and the atmosphere you created!

  16. This poem has beautiful, yet understated, sensuality!

  17. Oh that unwrapping sounds delightful… great poem Bill….

  18. there def is beauty in unwrapping… for me the best part… this year we tried something different at christmas…. everyone just took a parcel from under the christmas tree and unpacked it and then we had to guess for who it was meant and then give it to them… that was very cool as well…doesn’t work when the kids are still small though

  19. Gotta luv it!

  20. wow! this is a cool poem. What inspired you to write this awesome piece?

    I am back! and just posted a new poem. check it out..

  21. ha. most definitely. playful & def sexy.

    • thanks – I don’t have much formal education on poetry but I would be glad to assist from time to time behind the bar if it would help – bw

  22. The festivities had taken its toll. The next second they’ll all give their attention again perhaps! Nicely!


  23. Private moment – the essence of sharing 🙂

  24. Subtly sexy.


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