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recall – poem

January 2, 2014

Next year I’ll recollect
How this year blew in
On biting cold, unceasing snow.
Shoulder snuggled up to shoulder
The couch our igloo
The Mexican blanket our snow cover.
We watched football from warm distant sites
Our champagne, chilled outside in snow-drifts
Sparkled in our glasses.
How beautiful the snow
When there’s no where else
We’d rather go.


From → poetry

  1. you are really good with this 🙂

  2. hypercryptical permalink

    How beautiful the snow is when viewed from the warmth of home in the arms of someone we love…
    Anna :o]

    • somehow, everything is better view through the lens of love. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. what a contrast that Mexican blanket on the snow… nice

  4. I’m with you, here in the Northwest, with our many foothills, snow is not our friend–our highways & driveways become treacherous, our utility bills sky rocket; I love your solution.

  5. Being cocooned for some time by biting snow, I can definitely relate to your words ~ I am looking forward though to spring, which about in 3 months time, ouch ~

  6. What a way to spend a snowy day. I like the idea of the Mexican blanket as snow cover.

  7. This is a wonderful, warming scene. Sunday is our anniversary and we’ll be watching football division playoffs and sharing champagne, hopefully not only to celebrate “us” but also our team’s win. Don’t know if it will be snuggling under a blanket since the weather where I am right now is in the 80’s (F).

  8. What a perfect way to spend a snow storm. Your verbs sparkle 🙂

  9. champagne chilling in snow drifts – what an image. Hard for me to imagine the cold right now in our intense heat – but you placed me there and suffering in 44C today – I THANK YOU! This was cosy and beautiful.

  10. “the couch our igloo” this made me smile. What a great word picture! No snow here – I guess you have all the luck 🙂

  11. love the verb ‘sparkle’ in any poem…I agree with Brian…one could shoulder the cold together by snuggling 😉

  12. The snow has been making me grumpy, thanks for making me smile with this.

  13. I loved this one excellent poem. You capture the cold so well and the only viable alternative, well done.

  14. You have made a good point in this poem. Indeed the snow is beautiful if there is nowhere else a person would rather go. I will have to adopt that philosophy. Smiles.

  15. I love Champagne.. but I prefer it slightly warmer… hmm we might have some in the cellar…

  16. I felt as if I were looking out at the snow from your own sitting-room! Pristine snow is indeed beautiful.

  17. hey its a good thing when you do not mind having no where to go…and there is def a romanticizm to chilling the bubbly in the snow….wonder if you could get creative in that shoulder to shoulder line and make shoulder into the verb….

  18. oh that sounds wonderful…the couch being the igloo…snow-cooled champagne…hmmm… i so wish we had some snow..

    • what part of the world do you live in ? I’d gladly send it there. I think snow is misery, unless you play in it, then… it’s a bit magical.

  19. Hey there BW – my first time here and have a good rattle around… And this is my favourite of your recent pieces – you have captured something true and beautiful here – also leanly written and beautifully structured. Terrific poetry… With Best Wishes Scott

  20. So true that the snow IS beautiful when one doesn’t have to go ANYWHERE at all!

  21. Sounds fantastic!

    • It was a very good day Resa…

      One of my joys in life is to chill champagne in a snow bank. Good thing I am easily amused.

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