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silent night – dverse poem

December 12, 2013

Never heard it much
Though I suspect
They might have thought it.
Still I’m far past blame,
I’ve learned
People just do the best they can.
Some just didn’t have strength
To move their burden very far.
Will is a funny thing
Duty can be a burden.
What’s left when duty’s done
The score wiped clean?
But I want you to know
I see you, you matter
and always,
I believe in you.


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Pefectly thought provoking especially for this time of year Bill. A very merry Christmas to you and your’s and I hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for yourself 😉

  2. A very thought provoking poem. Doing one’s best is all one can give. If it is does not measure up to expectations then it is not your problem…It becomes someone else’s problem.

  3. I’ve always trusted that people do the best they can, yet lately I have to wonder. (Today is the one year anniversary of the Newton/Sandy Hook massacre of children. That’s where forgiveness comes in, I supporse.

  4. Still finding this lesson hard.

  5. Yes, people do the best they can within the limitations they have at the moment. It’s only with increased knowledge and experience they can do better in future endeavors. When we believe in ourselves and someone believes in us, it really gives us more confidence. Your poem is self-accepting and encouraging.

    • sometimes we need permission to succeed. Good leaders and parents grant it. Thanks for your comment.

  6. To do the best you can is really very much depending on what you mean with best.. My father thought doing the best you can was all about duty — old school Sweden is very much lutheran.. but best has to include the want to… the motivation to drive forth… and that we have to give… the constant strive..

    • how does one raise a child ? Does anyone know what another soul really needs ? Do drug users not love, or abusers – in their own broken way? I suppose another poem lurks within this.

      Thanks for commenting… This poem has generated some insightful comments and I appreciate it.

  7. hypercryptical permalink

    I love you words – they are a reaching out. And Yes we do the best we can, sadly at times the best we can is not perceived as good enough by others – but we are confined by our own limitations and can only do the best we can…
    Anna :o]

  8. Will is a mystery to me. Why do some people have so much and others seem to lack it so dramatically? I enjoyed the focus at the end on acknowledging the person/people you are addressing.

    • I just read they they can stimulate will with electrodes in a part of the brain… maybe we are built with it, or without.

  9. i wonder… do we really always the best we can..? i find that sometimes we just find good excuses to not give our best… and i’m including me in there in the first row…ha… but it def. is good to be seen…. yep..

    • When we do our best, it is what we know to be our limit -either in sport or love, or life. Our real limits begin when we reach the point where the next step is unknown. Few reach that without a coach or other person to drive harshly or encourage or coax.

      I suppose my poem has failed because I must explain, but my father came back from the beaches of Normandy with a wounded soul. It wasn’t until I visited the beaches last year that I could understand and forgive him, and myself – Merry Christmas – bw

  10. Interesting – I hold to a degree with forgiving people for not going further or farther; however, I like to encourage people to use respect. Sometimes they can’t be there for you or anyone else, but then they shouldn’t expect you to always be there for them. It’s an unfair trade. I liked your method of unfolding your thought, nonetheless.

  11. ramblingsfromamum permalink

    we do in live the best we can and we can ask no more of ourselves ~ a touching write~ thank you

  12. To do the best we can – I live by that and contrary to what some might think, it’s not as onerous as it seems.

    All it takes is to have one, just one, believe in you and for you to believe in one – I reckon.

    At another level – I believe in Him.


  13. Yes, they do their best. It’s the kind of acceptance your poem shows that gives them strength and will to do more. Lovely, lovely write.

  14. sentinelofnight permalink

    What a beautiful thing to say to someone. The best thing you can, actually.

  15. How touching. You are adorable!

  16. i think there are those that do the best they can…i think there are those that are along for the ride as well…a lot of it comes down to our view on life and other people…having someone believe in you…def can make all the difference in the world…

  17. Some just didn’t have strength
    To move their burden very far

    The bane of many who tried but left too soon. Very true! The will to succeed is elusive. Was it more of rewards, motivation and passion? Nicely!


    • Thanks Hank – sometimes being able to love – is something that people never learn.

  18. I do agree that, for the most part, people DO do the best they can. And I think it really feels good when one is really SEEN by someone and that seeing is acknowledged. A fine poem here.

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