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December 8, 2013

A child finds joy in expectation
As Christmas comes around
Adults cast bemused smiles
with each day that’s counted down

As the festival concludes
good feelings rarely persevere
for somehow in the season they’ve
traded a savior for a marketeer.


From → dverse, poetry

  1. lucychili permalink

    making jam.
    sometimes if you’re not spending you can find
    something different to enjoy =)

  2. Good one, Bill!

  3. Sadly the powerful big players hijacked the the joys of Christmas putting limitations and restrictions at their whims. All in the name of commercialism! I like the contrast between the stanzas. Wonderful one bw!!


  4. Poignant and so very true. Sadly, Christmas has lost much of its spiritual meaning. You said it concisely … I like the gentle rhyme & alliteration.

  5. true that…and marketing will sell you short on what will make you feel good in the moment but leave you feeling rather empty on the back side….

  6. So sad but also so true.. that’s what the season’s become..

  7. Powerful last line – alas, so true!

  8. Oh yes, this is so sad really that a savior was traded for a marketeer. Seems to happen moreso and also earlier each year. I wonder how we can turn the tide!

  9. So sad, but so very true. Succintly put – well done.

  10. ugh yes… they did…we did… and it’s a sad trade… i wanna have that child-like joy and wonder back… the real meaning of christmas…

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