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limited love – poem

December 5, 2013

If I dared paint
These hands coerced your colors
Traced, delinated every curve
Until each subtle angle glowed
I might dream a masterpiece.

Colors are rich at night
Begging, “Call us forth
Ignore moonlights neutral glow
Just close your eyes
So the heart more clearly sees.”

How thin the painted line
Straddling obsession and desire.


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  1. This is a many-layered composition, like layers of carefully tinted color on a canvas.

  2. So many good ideas to explore in this verse

  3. Yes, that line. So hard to see, but once crossed, you can look behind you and see it in all it’s terrifying glory.

  4. AMAZING 55…straddling between obsession and desire, is that OH so thin line
    called CRAVING–also how true…I close my eyes (NOW)….and “see” what was invisible a moment ago…

    • thanks! I think being aware of the line is what is important, to cross it is folly.

  5. This is stunning – thank you – poetry like any art to be free flowing

  6. I like the use of colors begging to come out of our hands and words ~ Lovely and tight 55 words ~

    Nice to meet you ~

  7. “These hands coerced your colors” – what a powerful image. Great poem!

  8. I can relate to your words even if I cannot paint. Trying to capture love in art might feel limiting in that we can feel the inadequacy of the means we use. I find that with my own words.

  9. The first stanza reminds me of a Shakespeare sonnet – and what a punch the last two lines pack!
    We all try to express the inexpressible – fail, get up, dust ourselves off and try again.

  10. I think, there is a motive in art which is universal. That motive, found in poetry, in painting, in composing, is to make things out of powers causing anxiety. Things cannot rule.

  11. Painting the process of painting in words.. How beautiful to capture the difficulties in trying to capture that object of desire..

  12. i find it fascinating if we capture the one we love or those we see in the streets with our art… be it painting or writing as i think it makes our emotions visible and adds so much more dimension to what we see..

    • passion is the release of the senses – perhaps when we love, the artist sees the soul ?

  13. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    We are all children of the Arts, the poet, painter/artist, sculptor, musician, composer–and when someone is skillful enough, brave enough, to do a cross over with poetry, it compounds our pleasure, bombards our senses; nice 55; thanks.

  14. Brilliant and expressive 🙂

  15. Oh man this is good…the last two lines say so much about the difficulty of being human; how do we keep our desires and obsessions separate?

  16. Beautiful. Amazing how that line of obsession/desire weaves itself into our art.

  17. …art comes from our emotions, for sure. Think it through, overwork it and the “magical” element is gone. Nice 55

  18. Oh I like this very much…especially that the colors are rich at night and wish to be called forth. A very evocative write!

  19. ἇRVℎℰℰ permalink

    Art and Poem, this is brilliant. =)

  20. aprille permalink

    Well crafted. You used the 55 very carefully and to their best advantage. I loved the word delineate and realize that I have never actually used it.

    • because I was using painting – and the thin lines that border desire and obsession, I thought delineate would help underscore how we compartmentalize things.

      I think if we are too precise in poetry, we lock in a single meaning. Thanks for stopping by -bw

  21. nice…i think that the things the heart sees are much more accurrate often than the eye…i like how you blend in art as well, as i find art very passionate a thing…much in how we see the one we love…or one that has caught our eye

  22. Absolutely gorgeous words, Bill!

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