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eyes – friday fictioneers

November 7, 2013

Mother, I don’t want to be a soldier like papa.

Little one, kings honor papa for his bravery.

But his eye, it scares me.

Your father stood when all others ran.

I know, I… I want to be an artist and create beauty.

Even artists must face danger.

What do you mean, Mamma?

Once an emperor commissioned a brilliant young artist to paint his lovely wife. The painting surpassed all other works of art. Afterwards, the emperor blinded the artist that he might never equal or surpass it.

Little one, your father still sees clearly through his good one eye.

  1. This poem of yours is pure wisdom! and wow!!!

    P.S check out my new poem. 🙂

  2. Very thoughtful piece.

  3. Absolutely, that is the tale – and truer with every passing monarch. Amazing, however, that so many parents would rather their child be a soldier than an artist.

  4. Oooh, a bit scary. I really enjoyed reading this. Read it twice!

  5. Dear Bill,

    The gods are cruel, but somehow, humans seem to rise above the petty nature of their creations and showcase the divine.

    Good story.



  6. Excellent tale Bill, nicely told. Very convincing dialogue.

  7. Dear Bill,

    As an artist I find this a little disturbing. At least Papa still has one good eye and you wrote a good story.



  8. Dear Bill
    I really enjoyed this story. So many images, such good writing.
    Well done

  9. Metaphors intertwined and presented as a fabulously profound tale. Well done, Bill – greatly enjoyed this post.

  10. Great lesson there and a lovely piece:-)

  11. Great story and perspective, Bill. I really enjoyed this original take. I liked how you looked at the life of the artist versus the soldier and that they have similar troubles to bear.

  12. That was really cool, especially the style you wrote in. The story itself was very original. Well done!

  13. wow,i loved this.i felt so many things while reading this..the sadness from the realization that people’s lives can be controlled by such kings..and my how the little boy was afraid of his own father’s eye.sounds like the story mightve really happened,a long time ago

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