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colors – dverse

November 2, 2013

when autumn no longer lingers
pushed away by cold northern winds
and leaves resignedly brown
forsaking autumnal glory – rest

It reminds me of turnpike miles
and windowed secrets cloaked once in green
hopes and dreams carelessly revealed
as the miles pull drivers silently past

the world seems clear in black and white
the horizon pure without distraction
the honesty of the dusk, drive’s end
and you within my arms


From → dverse, poetry

  1. Love those lines ” horizon pure, without distraction..honesty of the dusk” so true–the light, the time–really resonated with me 🙂

  2. I really like the comparison you make. It works on several levels. You have a thoughtfulness and economy of words that is very appealing.

    • thank you very much, I struggle to make poems work on a second level, and I am glad you felt it.

  3. “…as the miles pull drivers silently past”. There’s nothing like a long, relatively easy drive to set your mind free for some creative thinking. Glad your weekend commutes are over, Bill, and you and Jan are settling into your new home together.

  4. One of the best set of lines starting a poem I’ve seen in a long while, really set he mood and tone.

  5. hisfirefly permalink

    yes, here, now, outside my window
    you have written the chill on my skin

  6. I like the gentle threads woven throughout this piece..the contrasting of autumnal glory with the long, slow drive of the freeway in a paler yet still comforting shade..and the end with loved one in the changes of life always at comfort at the end of the day with an embrace..nice poem

    • thanks – I am glad to see it communicated with you. Writing is fun, but when words connect, it is a big thrill.

      Long drives are places for poetry to be created, and sometimes lost. My trips convinced me that some poems can never be written exactly the same way twice. If you don’t record the phrases like the patterns of a stone thrown on still water – they escape forever.

      • I totally agree..I have road tripped much of the long drives and I always carry either something to record voice or pad and pen for longer ideas that just cannot wait. 🙂

  7. Sigh!!!

  8. Brendan permalink

    Strong contrast between the bleak ends of autumn on turnpike miles and the springtime of coming home. Maybe the former makes the latter more so.

  9. You put in to words something I have felt before. NJ Parkway, late autumn, colors drained, yet that dusky yellow still gave me something to smile and squint at. Looking forward, at the end, to “you in my arms.” Very very nice 🙂

  10. I can feel the warmth of colors on my back as you describe each scene…dusk has a romantic hue to it…

  11. There definitely is something to be said for seeing the world CLEARLY in black and white…without either the distraction or enhancement of color. Seeing the world as it REALLY is!

  12. Reminds me of driving in the morning to work, grey, dark & gloomy ~ I’m happy with the one hour reprieve now ~ specially like that last stanza & last line ending ~ Good morning ~

  13. the honesty of the dusk… i like… you paint a comforting scene here… also the change that comes with autumn..the turnpike… the road ahead of us…good when there’s someone to hold and being held..

  14. So black and white brings purity and comfort – a lovely idea – whether in a metaphorical or literal sense.

    • thanks – you “got” it. That moment when of communication makes writing poems special

  15. …a true comfort to read… & apt in this time of the year… smiles… i enjoyed it!

  16. I like this. Made me feel the coldness of winter we can see from a car and the warmth a loved one can provide there.

    • Thanks Myma – For some years I drove 383 miles between cities every other weekend… I’m glad you felt it.

  17. Romantic. Why does it remind of a coach journey in a Thomas Hardy novel? Perhaps because I am romantic myself:) Enjoyed this.

  18. I enjoyed your use of colors in this … from autumn’s palette to the black & white of winter. The last line is lovely and adds warmth. Smiles. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

  19. Haunting. Very nice. The world is a a very different place in winter than in any other season for sure.

  20. i like the rest that comes in autumn…also like how you use the parkway in this…it makes for a very strong illustration….and the repetition as well there in the end of them being in your arms….def brings the feeling…

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