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trust is blindfolded – poem

October 31, 2013

Trust is blindfolded
Each unseen step
A promise of calamity
Or hope.

Sometimes in solitude
hidden within the stillness
Your calling words


From → poetry

  1. Nicely done. Very good…

  2. I like how the second stanza contrasts with the first one!

  3. Trust is blindfolded- interesting effect there. I almost wrote about a similar theme.

  4. It can be difficult to trust in words, to trust in that next blind step…can make for an interesting life. I like this poem, you address a huge concept with a small number of well chosen words.

  5. I trust that there is hope here ~ Specially like the beckoning words ~


  6. blind trust…so true…falling backward without hesitation knowing the one behind you unseen will catch you. nicely said.

  7. trust…huge concept…without it i dont think love can really exist…and love is one of the greatest risks we take in life….

  8. when we trust we’re willing to take steps even when the path is not so well lit…

  9. When trust is blindfolded.. where does the paths lead…? indeed an interesting question.

  10. Ah, we never do know what will happen when we take that unseen step..calamity or hope could be right around the corner. But then again, it is nice to hear those calling words.

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