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shards – dverse

October 31, 2013

our words shatter, crystalline daggers
wounding where they fall
dispersed randomly across the sample

molecules are mostly space,
how can they be sharp?
words are nothing at all, but cut deeper still

I place each bare foot carefully
treading the path of peace
but chaos can rarely be predicted

Our experiment implodes
not surprised, not unexpected
for after all
we plan for maximum effect
mutual assured destruction


From → dverse, poetry

  1. That last line lingers and the pain associated is unfathomable. Thanks for joining us for the prompt.

    • thanks – pain and sorrow help us measure joy. I am glad to be part of the prompt – bw

  2. “our words shatter, crystalline daggers
    wounding where they fall”
    I like the way these words sound, Bill–and the title, ‘Shards,” everything very well done.

  3. Words for me can cut deep ~ Treading the path of peace is a worthy goal ~

    • thanks Heaven – words have no substance or form other than what we make of them – yet shape us in ways we can barely resist.

  4. Those last two stanzas are so epic, so global. They should be on a billboard somewhere for people to read as they tip toe on their way to mutual destruction. Amazing piece here.

    • Thanks – when a poem communicates, it makes the effort worthwhile. I very much appreciate your comment.

  5. molecules are mostly space, / how can they be sharp? — it’s great, it’s like that pause in an excessively tumultuous argument where one detaches into intellectualism. I like the bits of statistical terminology sprinkled in too, they give a sense of the narrator’s life beyond the poem.

  6. I think this is one of your best poems.


  7. This is deep and on the mark. Terrific word play!

  8. These words of yours are so wonderfully precise. Makes me wanna watch David Deutch’s Ted talk “Problems are inevitable, problems are soluble”

  9. Yes we do tread warily that path of peace never knowing what might happen next!

  10. words surely have lots of power.. and good to walk that path of peace best as we can..

    • thanks Claudia – takes two to have peace in the end.
      I take great satisfaction that you read the poem and stopped to comment.

  11. but chaos can be expected, no matter how gingerly we try to walk
    mutual assured destruction—gotta be one of the saddest terms
    of our generation

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