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October 10, 2013

we prowled the pitch at Squire’s Castle so long ago
warriors then, now old and slow though no time passed.
What clock could run, ticking steps away
while every story shines polished brighter than before?
how we laugh, you cracked your ribs, I broke my nose
and we snuck your car so beat into the junkyard that said no
Funny now, past grimaces seem to weather well
but we know each email might be goodbye with no farewell


From → poetry

  1. Oh this so hits home – each email might be the last farewell. It is God’s truth, at this stage of our lives. That line caught me in my throat, thinking of all the emails back and forth between friends. You have captured our dilemma exactly.

  2. This is amazingly true… that last line will linger.

  3. there’s a potential last time each time we see or talk or mail someone… the fragililty of life hits me hard at times..

  4. Good contrast between the crazy, fun memories of the past and the reality of the present and the future. Well done, Bill.

  5. Oops! That last line – deflating but holds true

  6. A good reminder of the continuing tentative nature of relationships. Life and relationships are fragile.

  7. each time we are together….each time we meet….each email….each word….may be our last…it def sheds the importance on each of those interactions…

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