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fruit – haiku

September 24, 2013

in quiet places
thoughts of the taste of cherries
endlessly repeat


From → haiku, poetry

  1. Ah.. that reminds me of the modern version of the movie Noah.. the wise old man with one last
    wish to taste a berry of life in Nature.. with no equal pleasure of taste buds for life of nature..:)

    And after reviewing 7542 words of newest Epic longest free verse poetry.. there is a beauty here in a message of fewer poetically expressed words.. that is pleasing to my palate..:)

    Truly less is more.. unless a virtual reality story is being online ways..:)

    Oh GOD.. commenting and connecting is so much MORE pleasurable than WRITING a story..

    online or not..;)

  2. Cherrys are so sensuous!

  3. cool. Like the “thoughts of the taste…”

  4. The fruit, or flavored lip gloss, the taste and smell of cherries can’t help but conjure up pleasant memorie–nice one, Bill.

  5. now i SOWANTACHERRY!!!!! hmmmmmm

  6. You’ve said a lot in not very many words – the sign of a great haiku.

  7. Cherries or cherry lip gloss…either way, a lovely haiku. 🙂

  8. There’s nothing like taste and smell to remind us of something that was good 🙂

  9. I long for the cherry season – a favourite song here is “Le Temps des Cerises”.

  10. The endless repeat is exactly how a spring kiss feels like.

  11. Nice poem! Now I want cherries.

  12. Interesting how sometime we get a particular taste in mind. For me it can be popcorn!

  13. I say sweet memories, smiles ~

  14. Now I’m hungry sitting in my quiet office.

  15. déjà vu Haiku! Neat.

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