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autumn – poem

September 14, 2013

when caution leaves, abandoned
and each unchoreographed motion
danced sans word or thought
each fibre, each muscle yearns
each breath begs “more”
there is only now.
something we seek everafter.


From → poetry

  1. Truly an expressive write in a very few words. I have decided I talk to much?
    Nice reading here but I wanted to read more. Living in (after-now) I guess?

    • thanks – wanted to read more is a compliment I regard very highly –
      I like the after-now you coined – perhaps a preamble to the next step 🙂

  2. You are so right… this is what Love should do to us.. being there in the now.

  3. oh i love the unchoreographed motion… so beautiful in their unchoreographed-ness…

    • love often takes us into dances we did not anticipate – but that’s the adventure of it. Thanks for stopping by

  4. How true billgncs – time is not noticed when love is in the air – beautifully expressed.

  5. Oh I love how you condensed so much beauty into so few words. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. smiles…if now is all we got
    we best make the most of it
    you know

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