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on love

July 26, 2013

If love is not unconditional, it’s just a business deal.


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  1. My take is – unconditional love is possible by a parent towards his/her children – all spousal love tends to be conditional.

    • Thanks – agree on the unconditional love to children – children bring us to a new level of love.

  2. cute terse quote.

    I’m always in the business for love (Groucho Randy Mazie, cigar -in-hand-, eyes up-and-down))

    • I was reading a link to Kurt Vonnegut quotes, and was looking one of my own that would be Vonnegut-ish.

      One of my favorites along those lines: It was Isadora Duncan, the dancer, who said to Bernard Shaw, “Would it not be wonderful if we could have a child who had your brains and my beauty?” His reply was, “Yes, but supposing it had your brains and my beauty!”

      On a serious note, I do believe we mask wants and desires under the guise of love, when true love is unconditional.

  3. Unconditional love still needs responsibility from the one you love unconditionally and can also be trampled upon to the point where you need to love and let go. Unconditional doesn’t mean you have to sit there and take it, whatever the bad is.


  4. Perhaps most ‘love’ on earth is like this. Friendship and fatherhood isn’t. If your lover is your friend, then your relationship is not a business deal.

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