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learning – poem

June 4, 2013

Lost balance, like a memory once sharp and clear
seeks and finds each low place or impediment
to pull us stumbling down.
We get up. I swear to you we arise
and nonchalantly dust away doubt
that would cling like dirt to tattered sleeves.
“Experience is our teacher,” softly murmured
almost believed by lips that barely move
for fear of spoken truth or discerning eyes.
Step carefully for a bit
until we find our gait. There are places to be.
And regrets, regrets of love
are just lessons yet to learn.


From → poetry, romance

  1. A fine piece!

  2. The first three lines of your poem really hooked me in. There truly are a lot of things in this life that will take any infirmity we have and use those weaknesses to drag us down…but if we can use those as “lessons learned”, we’ll be a bit stronger the next time.

  3. Ah, those lessons. So vital. Nice one.

  4. Life long learning! As a teacher, I love when students ‘find their gait’. Thank you!

  5. Learning isn’t always easy, like Clanmother I loved the step carefully line too.

  6. Cool piece. I hear it read as a short spoken word piece. Loved its cadence.

  7. ‘regrets are just lessons yet to learn”…these are wise words that can soothe the pain of regrets if one takes them to heart.

  8. This is really adorable. when it comes to love, we seem never to cease learning. ❤

  9. It is good that a person can learn from regrets… I think we all have regrets, but perhaps do not all learn from them.

  10. I guess some things ara learned from experience, some less so!

  11. poetrypea permalink

    I also liked the step carefully section, great writing.

  12. Learning by mistakes can be painful.. Once bitten, twice shy..

  13. there is def much to be learned along the way though i am not sure experience really is the best teacher…i’d rather learn from someone that lost a finger, than to lose my own…ha…regrets, i have a few but i will say i tried…smiles.

  14. Wise words, Bill–and well said.

  15. the lessons we learn along the way… some are tough ones… but good to get up and walking again when we fell…

  16. 🙂 well said … I used your thoughts from the other day as a springboard for me as well…

  17. thanks, – when we are uncertain that is all one can do.Maybe once we learn the lessons, mark the past to experience, then the regrets must fade.

  18. I especially like the words – “step carefully for a bit.” We all need that pause in our life from time to time…

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