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bindings – friday fictioneers

April 25, 2013

This story is prompted for Friday Fictioneers – kindly hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Come try your hand at a 100 word story. Here is today’s photo prompt

She hid behind the shelves. Over-sized glasses, dresses and shawls her armor and books were her exotic dwelling-place.

I came in peace, but she tensed and avoided my gaze. Still, she didn’t run and softly, gently I pursued her as I healed. Perhaps shared pity compelled us, hers my cane and mine frightened beauty.

Twice weekly I hobbled in returning one novel and we chose the next amongst the comfort of books, our friends.

“How red becomes you.” She blushed just as red. I placed my hand upon hers and the book she offered – a startled breath, a timid smile.

  1. Loved it, poetic !

  2. What a sweet romance.

  3. Mystikel permalink

    I reply liked this sweet story and found your writing fresh and original.

  4. What a real encounter. Both wanting, but both with apprehension.

  5. A charming, romantic story abloomin’ I gather, during the late stages of life, Perhaps a parlor library in an assisted living or nursing home?

    • I think WWII in Britan, but I was toying with a future war war/alien war scenario. Imagine if the books were the last history we had for the human race.

  6. kdillmanjones permalink

    Beautiful story and beautifully told.

  7. You did a great job making this little romance grow slowly and gently. The little details just make it too.

  8. Really sweet, Bill. I had no idea you were such a romantic!

    • I sweep them off their feet πŸ™‚ Then my wife hits me with an umbrella πŸ™‚

  9. This is true love Bill, love how you weave it, and the end is truly adorable,

    • thanks – I have found love is manifest in the small actions of honor and respect.

  10. A couple of bookworms weaving their own little plot. I suspect there will be more blushing as their tender romance blooms.

  11. This made the romantic in me yearn for more. Lovely.

  12. Very sweet story with fine use of language — “books her dwelling place.” Nice!

  13. We wear so many masks…and so often it takes to long to reveal the depth and beauty inside.
    Very nice.

  14. oh this is so sweet.^^ ^^ loved this!

    • thanks πŸ™‚

      When my wife and I met, we talked of books ( even though it was at the rugby party after a match )

  15. Very sweet! Also like the reality of it–friendship and love is not confined to the young.

  16. Quite delightful.
    Beautifully told.

  17. A tender story, Bill, with just the right amount of compassion for the principals.Well done.

  18. I always wanted to be a librarian Bill, and then I found computers … I would have loved to have been courted like this πŸ™‚

  19. Please don’t tell me this is Reaper in old age!! Very touching and lovely.


  20. a study in healing and attraction… nestled in apprehension and sensuality

    • thanks – we have been watching the PBS series “Foyle’s War” so I guess that was my second prompt.

  21. This is sweet and subtle and so lovely! I love ‘frightened beauty’.

    • Thanks – the blossoming of love is always a nice conflict to explore in a story. Glad you liked it. πŸ™‚

  22. Something so sweet about this. πŸ™‚

  23. Dear Bill,
    A sweet beginning. Tell me more.

  24. First chapter, and what a hook πŸ™‚

    • thanks Eric — It would be fun to write a love story, but it’s harder than one thinks.

  25. This could be the start of something beautiful, you old romantic you…. πŸ˜‰ Lovely.

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