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lillies – friday fictioneers zeds zombies – 26

March 15, 2013

This story is prompted for Friday Fictioneers – kindly hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Come try your hand at a 100 word story. Here is today’s photo prompt

What did Madman put in the world ball, why does he need to get so close….

Reaper watched Madman grind the vehicle closer to the atrium. Ramming forward then spinning back as the wheels hung up on crushed zombies. Smoke belched from the entrance above the wide stairway.

Frenzied monsters clawed at the doors, threw themselves upon the pickup. Gears grinding, motor whining Madman pulled ever closer, and lurched up the stairs stopping hung up, wheels spinning wildly. Beasts surged over the cab. Reaper heard shots, a small explosion, then nothing.

The world ball shook, then rolled forward emitting a thick white gas. All about it, creatures convulsed and dropped lifeless as tendrils like lilies reach out to embrace them.

This is the twenty-sixth story about Reaper, Madman and the Girl in the zombie apocolypse, to find the others see the categories drop-down

  1. Reaper has such a wide range, exactly what a hero must be able to do.

  2. Brilliant, was wondering how you were going to get the lillies in but you did, perfectly
    Great job as usual and Reaper goes on…. yay

  3. Dear Bill,

    26th time is a charm.



  4. I wondered how you were going to work the lilies in this one, Bill. The action is really getting intense. Are we building toward a climatic ending?

  5. “creatures convulsed and dropped lifeless as tendrils like lilies reach out to embrace them.” Does this mean redemption for the zombies?

    • eternal rest. Madman had mixed up a batch of sarin gas
      into the world ball which he released before his demise.

      I couldn’t do too much research on it because I didn’t want to set off any government watch list alarm, but a nerve gas would deanimate even zombies and the hive.

  6. Ah! There’s nothing like a bit of good ol’ fashioned zombie action! Nice tight writing.

  7. This is a terrific series!

  8. Love the way you incorporated the lilies into this.

  9. You’re doing a really good job with this series and, as Tom says, I’m not really a zombie person (as you well know.)

    Mrs. Zed

  10. Bill,
    I am not even a zombie guy except in movies. Love them in movies but when it comes to reading I am more of classics guy, poetry, military stuff…but man I really enjoy these every week. You do a great job with the action. I see the scenes so vividly in my head. Hope this ain’t the end!


  11. Yay, Reaper and Madman are still alive – but will they be if that strange gas gets near them?!?

    This reads like an ending – but, Bill, I’m sure you have plenty of tricks left to keep the story going and shock us!

  12. Newbies, you need better threads on you tires if you don’t want to get stuck in zombies.

  13. Dear Bill
    Crushed zombies. Now there’s a delightful image to start my day. Snap, crackle and Ick. Love the way you managed to eek the lily reference in. ;). Keep ’em coming. You’ve roped me in..

  14. ‘Crushed zombies’. Such an evocative phrase. Good one.

  15. Oh, there is so much more to explore. It would make sense, smell wise for lily-like gas to make zombies gasp, since the perfume of a lily is supposed to be an aphrodisiac for live lovers!
    I read somewhere that royalty used to covet the plant in secret gardens. But at this hour, that I am not normally up at (2:30am) I could be mixing fantasy with fact.

    Thank you for visiting both of my pieces this week.

  16. A dark story yet creative.

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