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reading – haiku

February 27, 2013

reading between the lines

beneath fingertips
lips, two silent witnesses
soft breeze, rustling page


From → haiku, poetry

  1. Lovely and sensual tercet. You say so much in so few words.

    • in the best poems, it’s all about what’s between the lines

      • Yes, it truly is, although I tend to forthright, all my years of dealing with male engineers, I guess. I think it is called, hiding in plain sight.

        • I think your haikus show subtly too

          • Thank you. They are my heart and soul. Sometimes they are forthright, like one I wrote about my cat chasing sparrows on ice and slipping…that was a funny. But I alwaysvwrite the traditional out of respect for the form and with a mind the Japanese culture and way of looking at their world, especially all their specific words for events in seasons….yudachi…means specifically a sudden localozed downpour of rain in the summer. Shuushi is one in autumn. I love and respect that subltiy.

  2. This is so gentle and sensual and so much to read between the lines 😉

  3. An infinite story of
    emotions.. lips
    can bring..
    never living..
    dead lips
    in life now..
    lips of

  4. A delicate and sensual feel to this. Very nice.

  5. Quite a lovely Three Lines!

  6. Damn. One of the more impressive haikus I’ve read.

  7. Though I love it as a piece – aren’t you violating haiku norms slightly?

  8. Reading and kisses – an irresistible combination!

  9. Oh this was great… Like a soft breeze.

  10. ah nice… love me a good book… cool description

    • to men, every woman is a thrilling mystery novel Claudia – thanks for stopping by

  11. what a gentle piece

  12. somewhere in those pages
    rustling in the spring breeze
    the taste of a kiss

  13. Maybe I take things too literally, but I was happy thinking it was someone deeply immersed in a book, reading silently to themselves, sitting on a back deck with a nice summer breeze. And no, I’m not going to try to turn that into a haiku. 🙂 Peace, Linda

  14. rum blue permalink

    “Reading between the lines” says it all, doesn’t it?

    To me, this is about a woman reading Braille, outside in a garden. This is beautiful, without even going in a sexual direction. But certainly it could be erotic as well. You could be talking about “southern” lips, parted by two fingers. And maybe the fingers belong to a girl named Breeze and the lips belong to a girl named Page.

    But I’m still liking the blind finger-reader best.

  15. Lips should take precedence over books!

  16. words leap from the page
    to my lips, his fingertips
    softly trailing close

  17. Hmmmm, tough to figure out:

    two fingers turning the pages of a book
    while lips read silently

    Lord I hope it is more than that! 😉

  18. Me thinks it is not the book you are reading
    but there will be plenty of time for that later.

  19. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Her kiss was silent,
    her lips unmoving, as her
    fingertips touch words.

  20. This is excellent! Loved it 😀

  21. so seductively
    her finger trailing across
    edges of the page

  22. she stopped me in the
    middle of the page – kissed me
    new, like it was spring

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