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daughters – haiku

February 26, 2013

where did my infants go?

two arrows fly free
beauty, kind hearts and laughter
a sparkling treasure


From → haiku, poetry

  1. From another direction, two sons…still shining 🙂
    Dye my hair…Nope not me I’ve earned each silver and white strand! 🙂
    Guess though it doesn’t look too bad salt and pepper as it is or who knows?

  2. hey, at least you can dye.
    I have none.
    Hair – not dye.

    But that’s what three daughters, semi-automatic arrows, do to you –
    and a son (a musket).

    • Well, you certainly weren’t shooting blanks!

      I do believe children are a blessing. They are the hope of a generation.

  3. Awww…a proud daddy no doubt. This is beautiful…some days I cant wait for mine to fly free lol

    • how fast they fly — how soon we need the grey hair dye!

      • hahaha…I hope the gray hair stays away from me for a while lol. For as long as I can remember my dad always had gray hair…then again my parents had me in their forties lol

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