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poem a reason 2 rhyme

February 25, 2013

Karen from A Reason 2 Rhyme has offered a poetry / writing challenge, write a poem with the title of a song and a quote from the book.

The Song, Eugene by Pink Martini

The Book, Gone With the Wind – although I admit I didn’t read it, I just know the quote.

Here’s my first stanza

Eugene, Eugene – you never shoulda let her go
Eugene, Eugene – it seems like you’re the last to know
Did it surprise you that she came to me?
How could she not with no place else to be?
Now don’t come round here whining ’bout your heart
You had your chance and didn’t play your part
Frankly Eugene, I don’t give a damn


From → humor, poetry

  1. Yes – as I was reading, I wondered when you’ll get to that “I don’t give a damn” part – thank you for the closure πŸ™‚

    • Hi Eric — I have to admit I never even saw the movie, too long for me to sit through!

  2. I don’t know the song but the words and the last laugh made me laugh – sorry if I wasn’t supposed to laugh… and I give a damn if i wasn’t supposed to (giggle)

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