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I sat next to a child – poem

February 17, 2013

where do we learn to be grown up?

I sat next to an infant today in church
He stared wide eyed at my wiggling fingers
Ate ravenously from a bottle
Thumped it off the floor
Burped and farted lustily, smiled
then on hands and knees broke for freedom.
Gently snatched to reunite with momma
Baring an explorer’s heart he grabbed my beard
Threw his head back in fury upon his return
Only a moment later distracted, warbled pleasantly.
He had no words, yet spoke only truth and could not lie.


From → poetry

  1. Another question I’d like to see your take on – based on this – is when or how do we learn to lie?

    🙂 this is lovely – especially that last line. Very deep…

    • thanks – I was thinking about including a line something like:

      I wondered if once, I resembled him.

      of course there are few satisfactions like a good belch and gas in public — so he was on top of that one.

      But to answer your question, I think we lie when want and being start to separate.

  2. Beautiful. The amazing innocence of a child.

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