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last witness – friday fictioneers zombies zeds 20

January 31, 2013

This story is prompted for Friday Fictioneers – kindly hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Come try your hand at a 100 word story where each word counts. Here is today’s photo prompt

Reaper, armed with sword, pistol and bomb continues deeper into the building housing the hive-mind. The hive, distracted by Madman’s fireworks does not yet appreciate its peril.

Reaper stepped heel to toe, a warrior’s stance down the corridor. The hall buzzed, a death rattle concerto of unseeing living dead. Shutdown by the hive, stored in stasis, they didn’t stir as he quietly pinned each head down with a booted foot followed by a sword thrust. When the hall was silent he peered around the corner. Death’s serenade urged him on.

Another room, he entered sword ready – empty. This place must have been a museum or college he thought.

A statue watched him unemotionally. Reaper raised an eyebrow then bowed low.

“Am I hero or fool? Bear witness”

  1. that’s a question you don’t ask unless you’re sure you can handle the answer. well done.

  2. What might Reaper have done if the statue did respond?

    • I think if it told him he was a fool, he would have agreed.

      thanks for stopping by Joe

  3. Wasn’t sure I had the right pic prompt story until I read the last line. Nicely done.

  4. I like the way you worked the prompt into Reaper’s ongoing story! And the setting just gets creepier and creepier, with the creatures in stasis…how many of them are there, I wonder?

    • thanks. The building is full of them, as this is the hive. As he gets closer to the core he will encounter the ambulatory ones, but much depends on the next pictures.

      thanks for stopping by.

    • That is something I always admire – working the prompts into an ongoing story

      • thanks — the prompts force me to think and allow me to be lazy and just follow where they go. I always look and then write the very first thing that comes into mind.

  5. I like this…

  6. Love the dark poetic prose you written here. Almost every word is like an eerily composed symphony of death and bad omen. I like it.

  7. Dear Bill,

    I’m finally beginning to worry for your MC. Does that mean i’m hooked? Perhaps. keep writing, buddy.



  8. Dear Bill,
    “Death’s serenade…” Not a melody I want to hear. I’m thinking in the movie version that Hugh Jackman will have to portray Reaper. Nice one.

  9. I really loved this line: ‘The hall buzzed, a death rattle concerto of unseeing living dead.’ Incredibly vivid.

  10. Finally–the Zeds are back. Nice to find out more in Reaper’s saga.

  11. “The hall buzzed, a death rattle concerto of unseeing living dead.” Very graphic. Good tension here .

  12. I love the question he asks. It’s a question most of us ask ourselves once a week, at least. Very well thought out, Bill. Really enjoyed this one.

    • Thanks Sarah, I agree that question comes from a personal place and we need to ask it from time to time.

      I am so glad you like this, for I like your writing as well, some likes count twice 🙂

  13. “death rattle concerto” — I love this sound.

  14. I feel the series is coming to an end soon. Makes me sad.
    A little question.. The last line – does the reaper say it or the statue speaks?

    • Hi Parul — Reaper is asking the statue a question, and expecting no reply.

      I am glad you have enjoyed this so far. At 100 words a week, it has a bit of life left.

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