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last trip – poem a reason 2 rhyme

January 21, 2013

Karen from A Reason 2 Rhyme has offered a poetry / writing challenge. Here’s my poem

So I guess I’ll head to Belgium
Where young loves stroll the Rhine
Share the sunset by the ocean
Where love stops the passing time.

I’ve clothes enough to travel
One final journey far away
If I’ve any wits about me
I’m gone before their say

Sweet chocolates live in Belgium
And the youth know what to do
No pretending and ignoring
Done is done, and through is through

I’ll fly first class to Belgium
Before this home takes my last dime
Leave not a penny for the children
They’ve earned it with their time

No more I’ll be a burden
Just a millstone about their plans
My heart flies free when I reach Belgium
There I’ll go to join the damned

  1. Marvelous, but oh so sad, Bill. That second-to-last stanza hits where it hurts.

  2. bahahahahahahaha! I feel like that right now, Bill! I think I’d better run away before they lock me up in the rubber room! 😉

  3. TheOthers1 permalink

    I really enjoyed this.

  4. Wow…very very nice

    • Thanks Boomie, I finally got started in “Things Fall Apart” and Okonkwo just slew the boy he had living with him for three years. I got the feel of the short story you wrote in this.

      • Oh nice :). Yea, Okonkwo was a beast…but the culture had a lot to do with it. It was also done as a TV series a long time ago back in Nigeria, and it is one of the many literature book requirements in high school.

        • I may be asking some questions as I go further.

          I agree he was a beast, flawed as a human, astounding in his strength of will.

          • Oh absolutely!!! I agree he was flawed but his strength of will is undeniable….he felt a strong need to prove something to himself, and others

            • The same character traits that bring a man out of poverty, can destroy him. This is getting very interesting, I wonder what the foil he is measured against will be. I shall have to read farther to see.

              • I like your first line…it has been the downfall of many…glad you are enjoying this

                • Yes, the other thing that could fell him is time. What is foo-foo ? I love the life and passion the the people. This is good writing.

                  • Oh it’s a cassava meal…almost like mashed potatoes but cooked to solid form from cassava powder :). I haven’t had it since forever lol

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