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magic – friday fictioneers

January 17, 2013

This story is prompted for Friday Fictioneers – kindly hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Come try your hand at a 100 word story. Here is today’s photo prompt

He told incredible, magical stories and found candy hidden behind their ears. “Did you know your mother is so special that she wasn’t born like other people?” They shook their heads in wonder. “I found her one day in the garden inside a giant flower.”

When they ran to tell Mom, she laughed, “shhhh, it’s our secret.”

One day they asked him about the old phone. “Some things are good enough.”

“Who was in the picture?”

He became very still and quiet. His eyes glistened for a moment. “Look a butterfly!” He took their hands, “Let’s go dance with it.”

  1. What a tender and lovely story. 🙂

  2. lot’s o’ mystery. well done.

  3. He brought joy to others, while not mending his own pain. Sacrificial actions.

    • thanks YJ – -glad you stopped by.

      His sorrow was kept in that secret place we protect children from.

  4. Nice. A tender piece.

  5. HI Bill,
    Enchanting and uplifting story. ron

  6. swept away by the lovely words.. candies behind ears and giant flowers…some things are good enough. what a sweet man.

  7. Nice magical touch…what a charmer you are bill. I loved this and I do not use that word too often in my comments…“Look a butterfly!” He took their hands, “Let’s go dance with it.”….perfect. “I found her one day in the garden inside a giant flower.” …Just great stuff to say to kids.

    Some things are good enough but this was great. My favorite of yours so far!

    • Tom – -thanks, I really appreciate your comments. I have to admit I used to tell stories like that to my kids when they were very young.

  8. Nice. Sentimental and sweet without too much stickiness.

  9. Very sweet little story 🙂

  10. You made me cry. This is absolutely beautiful. Bravo.

  11. It was worth missing an installment of the Zeds to read this, Bill. But why wasn’t she found under a cabbage, the way our girls were?? 🙂 Always nice to see that tender side that you have.

  12. Aww…beautiful story. Grandpas are the best I think 🙂

  13. Dear Bill,
    “…found candy hidden behind their ears.” I love that, as I love the rest of your story. You fleshed out the grandfather with tender subtlety.

  14. Good job. Enchanting piece.

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