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love’s fist – hauku areason2rhyme

January 14, 2013

Karen from A Reason 2 Rhyme has offered a poetry / writing challenge. A haiku

Monday’s rose hidden
Wednesday’s card, secret terror
Friday’s fist draws blood

  1. Oooh. That one gave me a little bit of the chills. No happy ending here! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Haiku’s confuse me yet keep me challenged to interpret their meaning. I like this but it feels sad or futile. Perhaps that is just my lack of understanding though.

    • Yes, in a haiku there aren’t many words to provide context. In this one, the prompt was someone sends gifts to a woman, which spurs anger in the husband.

      The think I like about haiku is it can have many meanings depending on the context the reader supplies.

      • Well I think I was close. I thought it was about domestic violence slowing escalating. The rose being a metaphor for the way a bruise is hidden or is placed somewhere it is not meant to be seen (or even the way a bruise developed), the building terror of Wednesday and finally culminating in the drawing of blood.

        I maybe a little morbid it seems!

        Regardless, thank you for giving me something to think about!

        • You were spot on. I didn’t think of a bruise as a flower, and I think that metaphor is brilliant. You’re spot on how terror grows through the week and culminates as blood.

          that’s why I so enjoy the 17 syllables of haiku

          • It is very clever, you’re very clever! Quite thought provoking – I read it and spent the next 24 hours thinking about it. Now that’s great writing, thank you!

          • Re the rose – I think I was trying to relate it to the bloom or a rose and the bloom of a bruise. Slow to form then brilliant in colour and expanse. (For some reason the word “bloom” evaded me earlier!)

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