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distraction – friday fictioneers zeds 18 zombies

January 3, 2013

This story is prompted for Friday Fictioneers – kindly hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Come try your hand at a 100 word story where each word counts. Here is today’s photo prompt

In this series Reaper and the girl he has chosen to help move closer to the final confrontation with the hive-mind that controls the zombie plague. Waiting for a distraction from Madman, a brilliant recluse, the two are perched on a fire-escape overlooking the building occupied by the zombie hoard.

Fireworks engulfed them, beautiful, loud, ubiquitous.

“That’s Madman’s signal? How can this be?”

Reaper laughed. “Never question the ways of a madman.”

He flicked the sniper rifle’s laser sight and handed it to her. “Remember, the little red dot to the head or hip if you see them near me.”

She nodded solemnly. He took one of his pistols unloaded all save one shell and proffered it. “At need, you know what to do.”

He descended the fire-escape, jumping and rolling the six foot drop to the ground. Reaper swept toward the hive, her rhythmic shots hissing like angry wasps about him.

The rest of the stories are viewed here

    1. I like the dialog. I could see him “jumping and rolling the six foot drop”, I could hear “her rhythmic shots hissing like angry wasps”.
      Very nicely written. Your series is a hit. It’s commendable that you have kept the momentum going even at episode 18!
      Do you have the plot in mind or is it building up as you go?

      • Thanks Parul — the plot was pretty generic, although I know where and how it ends. If you have ever seen how in a movie they “storyboard” each scene, I looked as each prompt as a chance to storyboard a chapter. I never thought I could do this, so it has been a discovery for me.

        I am so glad you enjoy it.

    2. Robert Gregory permalink

      Not sure if my last comment posted and I’m just not seeing it yet. At any rate, “hissing like angry wasps…” Awesome! I’ll have to read more of this series!

    3. Robert Gregory permalink

      “hissing like angered wasps…” Awesome! I’ll have to read more of this series!

    4. Kudos on the angry wasps line. I like where this is going and can’t wait for the next episode.

    5. Nice one. I did like the wasps imagery.

    6. rhythmic shots hissing like angry wasps … Love that image… He’s safe. You don’t often hear… ‘proffered’… I liked that.

    7. “That’s Madman’s signal? How can this be?”

      Reaper laughed. “Never question the ways of a madman.”

      one time it’s capitalized. one time not, and “a madman.” is that intentional?

      • I actually thought about this. In the first instance Madman is one of the characters, in the second it is the generic term for one who’s mad.

        Thanks, I always appreciate your advice on how to improve my prose.

        • that’s what i thought it was, but i wasn’t sure so i wanted to check. not everyone is as receptive to questions like that. so thanks to you.

    8. i like the image of the wasps especially. well done.

    9. Feel the tension building towards the big showdown Bill. I can see having a few fireworks stashed for emergencies.

    10. I am just the last person drawn to zombies, but you have me hooked. I could read this in a larger story. Kudos. And… I love that word ubiquitous. It feels good on the tongue.

    11. They work well together and it’s nice to have them back. Thanks for including all the links for anyone wanting to get caught up or just refreshing the failing memory.

      Here: “Reaper swept toward the hive her rhythmic shots”, I’d put a comma between “hive” and “her” to give both better balance to the sentence and to make it easier to be clear who’s who.

    12. “hissing like angry wasps…” Now there’s not only a visual but sound and feeling as well. I’m terrified of wasps to that along struck fear in my heart. Great build of tension, Bill.

      • thanks — a friend who was in ‘nam once described the sound of bullets coming unseen at him.

    13. Reaper’s back! Nice one Bill. Nice to know she’s covering his back.

    14. TheOthers1 permalink

      I love that she’s not squeamish about shooting. Makes me like her a lot.

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