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moonlight – zeds 16 friday fictioneers

November 29, 2012

This story is prompted for Friday Fictioneers – kindly hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Come try your hand at a 100 word story where each word counts. Here is today’s photo prompt
In the previous 15 sections, ( has it really been that many? ) Reaper has struggled to save the girl from Zombie possession under the dominion of the hive-mind. Perhaps after today we will know why he struggles to save the girl….

Madman had promised a diversion next morning. Reaper and the girl need only approach the hive and wait.

Under the full moon, his thoughts drifted to porcelain skin and raven hair. He remembered warm embracing arms, sweet kisses from before this cursed Zombie plague. His eyes closed, some might have detected the hint of a lingering smile.

Then a desperate rescue, finding her against hope only to discover snarling disfigurement and cavernous hunger for flesh. He had watched her tumble slowly to the ground after hewing her head from her shoulders.

In the present, the girl touched his arm. “Are you OK?”

This story has been fed and nurtured by picture prompts from Madison and Rochelle. They almost always pick exactly the right one. Reaper, Madman and the girl began their adventures here:

carrion hope

Their other adventures can be found under Catagories by selecting Zeds ( zombified undead )

  1. I like a story with rolling heads πŸ˜€

  2. Hey Bill…As long as the Reaper stays put in your stories and not in my nightmares…we will get along just fine. lol.

  3. Wow, that’s an intriguing segment! Reaper is just not your usual nice guy protagonist, though he does have his better points.

    Sure hope he stays away from my porcelain skin and raven hair!

  4. Well done! Looks like Reaper is going to have to come to grips with the loss of his love–and his part, by choice or not, in her gruesome death. Interesting to see where the story goes from here.

  5. Well, you totally caught my interest. I think you should start a page and string them all together as the story grows. I want to know more.

  6. JackieP permalink

    Well, now I”m hooked. I read all the others. I feel for Reaper. I’ll be back!

  7. Enjoyed this bit of backstory for your Zeds. Loss is always a powerful motivator.

  8. Dear Bill,

    Zed’s usually get short shrift in my book, but this latest episode is a good one and that’s saying a lot for me. Well done.



  9. I like reading series – thanks for keeping Reaper going, and for your comment on ours, too. πŸ™‚

    • it is much more fun to write and have someone read it. A bit of a thrill. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. OOO, now I have to go read them all!

  11. We are getting inside Reaper’s mind now. I am enjoying how this story is unfolding.

    • I am learning, 100 words at a time. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means alot to me.

  12. …just when I was wondering if Reaper was human…


    • well, he doesn’t have two hearts like the good Doctor Who, but as you can see, his one heart has been shattered. Perhaps we can consider him grim?

  13. I like Reaper’s memories in contrast to reality. Sad back story. Tells me he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to the girl. Am I getting warm?

    • good morning Rochelle, yes you are warm, in fact I think you are hot ( laughing ) …. It is always enjoyable when you stop by.

  14. Very nice.. Language and choice of words are excuisite πŸ˜‰

  15. Hi Bill,
    Good backstory and now, if I’m understanding things right, we know why he is so dedicated to rescuing this other girll. This story put things more in context. Ron

  16. Really good story. It think this is one of the best Reaper stories. I like this sentence particularly: “Then a desperate rescue, finding her against hope only to discover snarling disfigurement and cavernous hunger for flesh.” I really would like to know, however, how you got to this story from that prompt!!! πŸ™‚

  17. Enjoyed the return of the Reaper again this week. Good character this.

  18. Very nice description of the scene. The way you got the reaper (and the readers with him) back to the present from his riverie is very neatly done.
    Zeds are a hit! πŸ™‚

    • thanks a million, I look forward to seeing yours too!

      • Not sure if I am going to write any this week (too).
        All my creativity has ebbed out of late… Waiting to get inspired again…

  19. TheOthers1 permalink

    Ah. An interesting backstory. Like it.

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