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pine tree – haiku

November 11, 2012

an elegant haiku from wimsey-mimsey inspired this response..

dryad warrior queen
shelter one lost and weary heart
rustling needles speak


From → haiku, poetry

  1. CC Champagne permalink

    I’ve always had a weak spot for pine trees (perhaps because they’re so plentiful here)… Lovely!

  2. Those old trees are like warriors.Hundreds of years to grow,30 minutes to destroy!

    • True, I never thought of it that way – like a harsh word can quickly destroy a lifetime of friendship

  3. very peaceful. Haiku worked very well for this prompt!

  4. My favorite place to find shelter… just lovely.

  5. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    when a haiku is spot on, it can say pages of message in short order; yours is such–dryads have kind of fascinated me, like all the legends & myths of nature; nice clever use of the prompt.

  6. Rusting needles is amazing… I think trees are so beautifully expressed through haikus, and yours is just perfect!

  7. Love the sound of the rustling needles.

  8. Amazing!!!

  9. beautifully evocative lines….

  10. I specially like this line: rustling needles speak

    Very nice senryu, smiles ~

    • thanks for the discerning word – would a dryad be nature or human – but I agree Senyru.

  11. So much, in so few words. Perfect for a haiku.

  12. the shelter of trees…i like the magic you give it in the opening…
    i have had plenty comfort this weary traveller

    • I once napped in the Tulleries under a tree near the Eiffel tower and an organ grinder who kept a little monkey. That was a nice day.

  13. And, if we listen carefully, we will understand.

  14. and we listen closely to what those whispering needles have to say…

  15. I like how you portray the tree as being “a warrior queen” with a “weary heart”. This personification is so accurate and deeplyevocative too.

  16. Ah,, the voice of the needles.. – I like that..

    • I looked up Dryad and saw that it was usually a female spirit in an Oak. Your tree, the one you wrote about may have one – just waiting for the magic to awaken

  17. So nicely done!

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