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cherries – haiku

November 6, 2012

warmth, red, secret blush
what one enjoyed,two devour
hidden sweetness freed


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  1. poetrypea permalink

    Hidden sweetness freed

  2. This is good – I think the cherries do make it a haiku* – they set the summer season – bright colored, and the kireji firmly in the phrase “two devoured”. Really well done. Kudos. (*Otherwise it would be a senryu.)

  3. Mmmm… lovely!

  4. Cherries.. I love them.. for some very strange reasons.. cherry never make it in Sweden… so we hardly get any–

  5. I have a soft spot for dark cherries. It will be some months before we can eat them though. Great closing line!

  6. Yes, this goes beyond the enjoyment of that red, plump little fruit…love what you portrayed here in your haiku, Bill.

  7. Lovely words, Bill, which invoke sensuous visuals. And I enjoyed your back-and-forth with Keats–fun.

  8. I think cherries are one of the very few things that make me look forward to warm seasons. Thank you for reminding me of that.

    • thanks for commenting – Cherry blossoms are coming soon, and then the delight of cherries.

  9. This Haiku brings more to mind than fruit-but I assume that was intended. An answer of sorts, comes to mind:

    Blush to lips are sealed
    So hungry, pink and flowered:
    Passion ebbs and flows

    Good poetry often inspires, having been such, I leave this offering to your cherry tree.

    • someone once called the sprinkle of haiku which answer others as “gently raining haiku”
      thanks for honoring this little poem so.

      • It took me a long time to learn to appreciate Haiku. But at this point in my evolution as a writer, I’ve come to love the sparsity of words. They leave ghosts of impressions and images & evoke sparks in the imagination that would end up dampened by too many syllables.

        • yes – sometimes the words are our enemies –

          ferocious tabby
          disdaining all tribute — yet
          love declaws the cat

          • Oh. I can’t help myself…

            Precious pricking points
            To shoulder’s breadth she clings to
            -Cat claws out her heat

            • I hope you always feel free to comment verse here…

              The gift of beauty
              Shared between two hearts as one
              Goldfinches bring good luck

              • You know, this has become a game for me. There’s no stopping me now.

                The gift of birdsong
                Flying scattered in the wind
                Tells a tale of friends

  10. I love the haiku form but have always struggled with writing them…this one is very good.

  11. used to have a cherry tree at the home…eventually rot took the tree but i came home many a days stained…this though goes beyond i believe…smiles…

    • then you’ve had cherries out of the tree warmed by the sun. That explosion of senses makes them a good metaphor for other things. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I really appreciate the eyes and minds of people who write Haiku. This is peaceful and sweet. ❤

    • thanks – I seem to be more comfortable working in smaller stanzas. Glad you stopped by. To me, longer poems with continuity and flow seem almost magical in their complexity.

  13. hmmmmm… you know… i think i want some cherries now….. hmmm…a gentle passion in this..

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