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sharing an apple – poem

November 4, 2012

I recall that time we shared an apple

original sin
so cool and perfect in my hand
my fingers caress it, knowing
one bite will not sate our hunger
sweet juices, inside, liberated by
lip, and tongue, scent
we consume it as we would consume each other

life-giving, crisp motion as this apple
yields its very substance to us
through each bite we share, I see the
perfect movement of your happiness

Blood red outside, purest white within
I watch your throat swallowing
this great cavity of loss of self
we smile and suck the nectar
across our tongues and chew

I save the last bite for you
lips moist and full devour it, the last
red skin and white flesh to become
body, blood and bone
I gaze at you and judge your hunger


From → poetry, romance

  1. This is beautiful and your lines reach deep into passion’s throes, I especially liked that you saved the last bite for your loved one, it is so caring and reflective, lovely read early in this morning

  2. Great metaphorical use of the apple!

  3. Very sensual. Love is the fruit freely given. I once wrote a poem that started You’re golden, I’m red delicious.You’re Adam. I’m Even.

  4. I gaze at you and judge your hunger…great!

  5. This was a meal loaded with meaning.. that’s the way to dine.

  6. I can almost taste this apple…and understand the ritual of its sharing! Nice.

  7. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Great visceral write Bill – I especially enjoyed this line: “this great cavity of loss of self’ With Best Wishes Scott http://www.scotthastie.ocm

  8. there’s so much more in sharing an apple than sharing an apple… it’s like giving bits and pieces of ourselves to the other and in a way we will always stay hungry which is not bad at all

  9. I love the layers of meaning in this – I can see it wasn’t written ‘off the cuff’!

  10. The forbidden fruit always tastes better:)

  11. ah, this is rich with meaning. This line is particularly arresting – “I watch your throat swallowing
    this great cavity of loss of self”.

  12. While one can read this piece and get the red apple zing on the happy, hungry, horny front – I have to say, I also had a strong hit of “how cool” – when I read the apple as a symbol for knowledge. I can see losing one’s self in it, or the masculine assessing just how hungry the feminine is for the potential of more.

    But that track – I suppose that would be chasing down wisdom. :). And this here is about knowing n’ the possibility of HAVING something more corporeal in play.

    Either way – I enjoyed it!

  13. I love the use of apple & that last line leaves a bite mark:

    I gaze at you and judge your hunger~

  14. I can picture the scene so clearly, especially the image of “your throat swallowing this great cavity of loss of self”……sucking the nectar….and the smiles…!

  15. great intimacy; especially the last 2 stanzas; red skin white flesh become body
    and judging the hunger… I love all the metaphors that surround the apple… very nice

  16. sharing food together can be quite intimate…ha
    esp depending on who you are with…and how much
    you watch their every move…

  17. i like reminds me of the Body Electric..and Lana Del Rey’s Tropico video where she does Whitman celebrating the body truly being a free spirit…is she…with the apple of course..:)

  18. I like it….horny, hungry, happy? Hmm, don’t much care…it all fits!

  19. Very nice, though this is not the first time you’ve used the analogy of an apple, original sin, erotic longing, and the exotic savoring and sharing of love fruits….

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