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moonlight – poem

November 4, 2012

There is a large transom window that often catches the full moon in my room

Sometimes, I cannot sleep.
I close my eyes and imagine you
bathed only in moonlight.

My hand caresses you
from cheek to breast to thigh
as you come into my arms.

there is no need for sleep,
Just the moonlight, and you.


From → poetry, romance

  1. doveinthedungeon permalink

    Absolutely gorgeous ….
    Am I allowed to offer a huge “sighhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
    [oops … already did …!]

    Beautifully written —

  2. This is lovely.. I love the moonlight. Smiles

  3. lovely ..moonlight definitely conjures up romantic images when we cannot sleep, pleasant they much so one does not mind being robbed of sleep.

    • moonlight is the the perfect medium to reflect passion and desire – sometimes sleep is overrated 🙂

  4. My alter ego loves the romantic moonlight write ~ Very nice 🙂

    • thanks Grace – there is a purity in the silvery moonlight that is becoming to every woman.

  5. smiles… there’s a special magic in those silent moments with just the moonlight watching…

  6. Ooooo!! Very cool! Love the imagery! 🙂

  7. smiles…love the intimacy in this…yes, a bit of moonlight and their soft curves…the sound of their breath…

  8. Oh this poem has a beautiful sensuality to it. I look outside at the moon as I sleep as well. I will think of your poem tonight as I look out, I think!! Smiles.

  9. Lovely and even stronger after reading your comment about the five days of isolation.

  10. I think that one is so beautiful! It catches the thought and the moment. Nights can be so lonely, but our minds can often bridge that gap.

  11. ah, sweet love, and how its absence makes the heart and part(s) grow fonder in the moonlight

    which is only now reminding me of that great song, “Danci’ in the moonlight”

    We get it on most every night
    When that moon is big and bright
    It’s a supernatural delight
    Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

  12. Double gulp…

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