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scrabble love – haiku

November 2, 2012

Is love like scrabble?

trembling hand, next move
hope, need, swift intake of breath
triple word score

empty seat, alone
despair of separation
stuck with Q and Z


From → haiku, poetry, romance

  1. many is the night I’ve been left holding the Q & Z…

  2. hypercryptical permalink

    Love it, and love is like a game of scrabble…
    Anna :o]

  3. Scrabble and trembling hands brings back memories for me at a time when a scrabble game became a harbinger of ouija board..with death bringing words over and over in synchronous such..before negativity came in my life..and TGoodness..lost for NOW for good..

    But haha..i guess i”m still a little i still stay from scrabble..and only look for words of light in REAL life…:)

  4. Love the kireji in both – clever and wry. Well written.

  5. Love is like scrabble without marked pieces…you have to guess at everything…no winners!

  6. Looks to be yes. Love with all the ups and downs. Love the humor billgncs!


  7. hahahaha!! Excellent. Yes, life doesn’t always give us vowels.. Wonderful to be given a good chuckle, so thank you. Vivienne (OneVoicePoetry)

    • Hi Vivienne – so glad you stopped by – smiles and chuckles are precious things 🙂

  8. Ha, I just love this!

  9. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Nice and inventive work – I enjoyed this… With Best Wishes Scott

  10. Oh I hope all is well with the two of you 🙂

  11. Well, if it is true love, a quest could be made from the Q and then some well-earned Zs. Just kidding. Very clever 🙂 Sadly, I relate.

  12. It’s so much more exciting and intimate than cyber scrabble. I love it so much I have a Scrabble sidebar category and have said this:
    My husband and I see other people
    while I play scrabble he plays golf
    when I’m on the verge of a triple word score
    he’s looking for partners to make up a foursome …

  13. Difficult to be stuck there, smiles ~ Hope your weekend is good 🙂

  14. oh heck…. i hope it’s not… i can think of other games that i would prefer for the comparison to love…smiles

  15. Love it… This is our story on Friday nights lol

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