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winter — poem

October 30, 2012

too cliche… but I am eternally consoled by the infinite monkey theory

Dependence fades like autumn’s
Brilliant red and yellow hues
And leaves us bare,
Lonely isolated trees
That weep and bend
Unbroken ‘neath winter’s icy burden.
Until amidst despair that one more
Day must freeze us,
Lock us
Forever in this loveless place
The robin, harbinger of spring appears.


From → poetry, romance

  1. I enjoyed catching up on your poetry, Bill…it is like each poem has that one word, that one line, that bites you, takes your thought and pulls you in…very cool. I love the use of the word, “sate” in sharing an apple…

    • Thanks — it is nice when one finds a word that feels good to say, almost has texture in its rich meaning.

      I am glad you enjoyed it.

      • I think that’s one reason I like your work as well – the perfect word in the perfect place for it…where even synonyms would sound just a bit off.

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