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pilot — Friday Fictioneer

October 17, 2012

Thank you to Madison Woods, who helped me find a niche in this wild blogsphere by hosting the Friday Fictioneers community. Each week a picture prompt is used to inspire 100 words of flash fiction. Today’s picture prompt:

picture thanks to Ron Pruitt

There it is, quite a steed. No more mach II, it’s welcome to seventy-five monitored by a goddam GPS. I used to be somebody. I owned the sky until they turned me into a crackpot loser only fit to haul a bunch of yahoos through South Dakota.

Better they killed me. Instead they did worse. They know how to bury a man alive, take his wings, his hope and leave him a walking zombie.

I’m not the first, no not by a long shot. It was the beer, but I got no second chance. Never should have mentioned area fifty-one.

  1. A fall from grace. One could never imagine all that going through a bus driver’s mind!
    Neat Job!

  2. Owned the sky… fall from grace… cool ending…

  3. Forget about the zombies…I want to know more about the “yahoos from S. Dakota” …THAT made me chuckle. Plus several comments also made me chuckle. So…thanks for all the chuckles.

  4. debraaelliott1960 permalink

    Thanks for stopping by bus. The story idea, after seeing the prompt came from an episode of M.A.S.H. where the woman smothered her baby to keep the enemy from finding them.

  5. Never should have mentioned area 51….Always a bad idea. Nice job.


  6. I’m not even going to mention the number that comes after Area in case I get hauled to the USA! I’m not quite ready for a trans-Atlantic flight just yet.
    Well done, I enjoyed this.

  7. Really convincing voice in this – good one.

  8. Ok. i get senses of something but i can’t put it together. A former pilot. left to drive a bus. Area 51 (I had to look up) part of Edwards Air Force base for experimental aircraft. And the pilot was on lock down due to his drinking beer and/or mentioning Area 51.

    And why the kudu’s for mentioning zombies?

    Lost in space…. Randy

    • Thanks for stopping by. According to urban legend Area 51 is where the flying saucer with aliens that was recovered in the late 1950s is stored.

      there must be something about zombies that spring into a man’s heart in October.

      • Oh. It all comes together now. Of course.

        That explains why I’m left feeling like Gene Wilder in Blazing UFO’s meets Young Zombies

  9. I was wondering when you were going to show up. 🙂 Love having my own zombie creator!!

  10. debraaelliott1960 permalink

    Great story! Stopping by from Friday Fictioneers

  11. Hate to say it, but I think he was lucky to get a second chance (suspect any discussion of area 51 could constitute a serious security breach).

  12. Hey Bill, I’m grinning at this one. I agree with Doug. One of the best I’ve read from you. And you just had to slip the word “zombie” in somewhere, didn’t you? Love it. Love it.

  13. Dear Bill,

    In your long history with the gang of FF’ers, this is truly one of your best. Tight, concise, layered and totally believable (and you even managed to slip in the word ‘zombie’). Hats off to you.



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