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come closer – friday fictioneers – Zeds 14

October 11, 2012

Thanks to Madison Woods for providing the inspiration and forum for Friday fictioneers. Given a picture prompt, anyone can write whatever they choose usually using 100 words as the target. Here is today’s prompt

Picture courtesy of Jan Morill

“We lost him again” she said frustrated.

Reaper laughed and said “You can follow more closely if you care to”.

Arms akimbo, lips pursed she scowled. Then they both laughed.

“We’ll find him through this alley”, and single file Reaper in front they moved quietly up the narrow way. Up ahead somewhere they could hear Madman chanting, “Here Zombie Zombie”, as though he were calling a lost kitten home. They both shuddered remembering the eye opening sight of him loading his backpack with 30 small bottles of home made nitroglycerin, and kept their distance.

Zeds started here: “carrion hope“, moves to “sweet grapes” and then follows the picture prompts and can be found by searching under catagory Zeds ( Zombified Undead )

Reaper, a mostly silent fellow who carries a large sword and leads the scattered resistance against the zombie onslaught, seeks to save the girl, infected by the zombie plague before she turns and the hive-mind that animates the zombies claims her as its thrall.

  1. The gentleman with the nitroglycerin is not long for this world. Packing it in small bottles, stuffing it in a backpack, and then walking with it…yikes. Good story! Hope he survives himself!

    • billgncs permalink

      there is an audacity in madness that sometimes defies all the odds. Perhaps that’s what Madman banks upon.

      I believe he was a Nobel Laureate before the fall at which time his family was devoured by the hordes…

      thanks for stopping by

  2. Whoo baby. What’s worse, zombies or homemade nitro? Okay probably the zombies but the way you blew up the picture only made it spookier!

    • billgncs permalink

      thanks – I think Reaper and the girl felt the same way.

      Appreciate your stopping by

  3. Not a big zombie fan, but this one make me laugh. Great job.

  4. zombies have replaced vampires. the transformation is just about complete! nice job.

  5. Hey Zombie Zombie…just stay away from my door. I will have my own sword.

    • billgncs permalink

      you are my kind of girl Lora!

      thanks for stopping by

  6. TheOthers1 permalink

    Dude does sound crazy. Wide berth necessary. I’d like to read this whole thing at once whenever you’re done. It’s a great story.

    • billgncs permalink

      thanks, I think of each prompt as a chance to storyboard a chapter and see if it would work.

  7. Walk softly and carry a large sword, that’s what I’ve heard. Creepy atmosphere you’ve created, and it’s really easy to imagine Madman’s voice echoing down the alley. Nice

  8. A light take on a dark subject. Nice.

    • billgncs permalink

      Thank you Madame Turnip. Always glad when you stop by.

  9. Open season on zombies, anything goes. Like your quirky characters and their whimsical view of their dark pursuit. Ron

  10. The plot, it thickens! I’m really enjoying the installments of this story, and in this one I especially like Madman calling the zombies like kittens – it fits his name so very well.

    • billgncs permalink

      thanks — growing up on sports teams nicknames were used all the time. In fact some guys were only known by their monickers.

  11. “Here Zombie zombie”! lol!
    I have to read this series!! Damn! I think I will make a note!

    • billgncs permalink

      I guess a satchel full of nitro makes a man a bit smug!

      thanks so much for stopping by

      • I quite like Madman..and Reaper…and the girl… and even the zombies, but specially the madman. I absolutely love your series!
        I am so glad I finally caught up with it, this wasn’t worth missing!
        Btw, is this the latest chapter of your series? Am I up to speed now?

  12. Fun to see how you find a way to work your story around each week’s prompt–look forward to next week’s installment.

    • billgncs permalink

      thanks –each is a 100 word storyboard to see if it would work as a chapter.

  13. Besides the “Here, zombie, zombie”, I’m happy to see you used “akimbo”. I love that word.

  14. “Here zombie zombie” – priceless! You didn’t need to expand on it. Reaper is really beginning to assume a character for me now. Nice one.

  15. “Here Zombie, Zombie.” You do have an imagination, Bill. Resistance is futile. …oh wait, that’s the Borg.

  16. I’m still liking this Madman guy – homemade nitroglycerin sounds useful! Mine’s over here today:

    • billgncs permalink

      if he doesn’t blow himself up, he can drink some if he has a heart attack ( smile )

      thanks for stopping by

  17. Come on, let’s break out a six pack of brains!

    Keep the onslaught coming.

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