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cricket 2 — haiku

October 9, 2012

seasons progress, what marks their passing?…

her breath my heartbeat
autumn gold an earthy crown
last sweet serenade


From → fiction, haiku, poetry

  1. Nice–add my thumbs-up to that first line and like the rest as well.

  2. I also fell for that first line. Really beautiful.

    • billgncs permalink

      thanks! How are you doing ?

      • mindfuldiary permalink

        Thanks for asking Bill. Ok, but to be honest bit “lost” lately (work/study related) and now found my ground again. Need to remember not to loose myself in futre plans. Coming thesis and current economic situation, labor market is not a fun cocktail to drink. It’s not good to be too busy either, to enjoy life. It’s really the small stuff that really count and make life wonderful. Like, your Haikus. Nurture ones spirit. I’ve never visited your fiction blog (blushing) ;D Sorry for not being around your blog either, same same busy life style gets the blame or my own lack of ability to prioritze things that matter. And how are you doing?

        • billgncs permalink

          I imagine you must feel pulled in one thousand directions at once, and I am honored you stopped by for a bit. I agree prioritizing is hard, I guess it is just deciding what matters, and what is external obligations, and having the heart to say no.

          As for me? I am especially pleased when you get a moment to stop by. Be well, I send a smile.

  3. Oh that first line…

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