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rebirth through tears – noku

October 2, 2012

A lovely post from Esengs’s voice inspired this almost a haiku, a noku

life depends
upon the largess
of heaven’s tears


From → fiction, haiku, poetry

  1. a power punch of words…lovely

  2. Beautiful!

  3. tight piece.
    yes, it does.

  4. This is most excellent.. There is both the real aspects and the metaphoric aspect of rain to consider.

    • thanks Bjorn – it’s always difficult for me to write on two levelsm, but this one although concise really worked.

  5. Tranquil, yet meaningful and my hand is up for not knowing largess 😦

  6. Nicely put. Enjoyed that.

  7. true… so true… but too much tears could drown many lives sometimes… i loved this… smiles…

  8. hopeful we get rain here this week. worst drought in decades in California ~

  9. Had to look up largess, a beautiful word and I like to think of heaven’s tears as generous.

  10. title and haiku – beautiful ~

  11. thanks Mary, you are very kind.

  12. tears def. have the power to water growth….

  13. Such a beauty and serenity. Wonderful.

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