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no parking — poem reason2rhyme

September 17, 2012

Karen at Reason2rhyme has offered this challenge to write a poem based on a road sign, in language similar.
Stop over and join the fun….

No Parking
You might get caught
This is not
What she would want
If you would have a second date

  1. Terrific! I love the stop and start rhythm to the writing, too. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. What about alternate side of the street parking? Should you wait for those days, too?
    Wait, was this in a private parking lot where you get those nasty glued papers stuck on the drivers side window?

    Wait, oh… did you try to go parking with he on the first date? Oh, I bet that’s it. You nasty boy… and on a first date. You devil.

    Son, I’m proud of you. Randy

    So – did you wait?

    • the policeman was not impressed…. ( I can laugh now, but I certainly lost a good girl out of it )

  3. Do I sense a double meaning here?

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    What an interesting prompt. And smarts poetry as well

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