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satin — friday fictioneers

September 13, 2012

Friday Fictioneers prompt

It’s time for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers.  Join us and use the prompt and share your own 100 word story, or just see what is inside of the fictioneers.

She was wrapped in satin, moving gently back and forth, dreaming, wakening. The blankets were tight, so hard to wiggle loose. If she could just free her arms. She was spinning now, slowly clockwise, then back.   She called out.

“Hello?”  muffled, barely a noise.

It smelled… unusual.  Where was she?  They’d been camping, no exploring the old ruins.  This was her bag, that’s right. She struggled more, then rested sweating, panting for breath.  It was so dark.  She reached for the zipper, it wasn’t there.  Her mouth went dry.  She remembered cobwebs thick as her little finger.   The screams began.



  1. Dear Mr. Bill,

    No camping for me for a while. A nice slow arrival at a bad place. Well done.



  2. I don’t think I’m going camping for awhile now….

  3. Sounds like she’s gotten herself in a whole heap of trouble. Better her than me!

  4. A crime no doubt committed by Jack Webb’s evil twin brother – Spider. Great writing, and thanks for the funny comment on mine. 🙂

  5. Ew! I mean, I like your story, but EW!

  6. Nice! We think along the same lines.

  7. What a creepy story! Thanks for stopping by mine too.

  8. probably won’t be anywhere near a sleeping bag ever!!!

  9. Good one! I will stay away from ‘ruins’ next time we go camping!

  10. screams are rarely good.

    • True — I was thinking of “uncontrollable trembling”, but I only had three words and couldn’t make it work.

      I suppose waiting knowing something was coming to feed on you would be disheartening

  11. TheOthers1 permalink

    Spiders don’t usually bother me, but this gave me the willies. Camping will continue to be something I won’t do. 🙂

  12. I felt claustrophobic reading this… which shows you did well!

    • thanks Parul — I am glad it made you uncomfortable ( what a terrible thing to say ) but for a horror writer is was music to my ears!

  13. Nicely creepy

  14. I’ll think twice before slipping into a sleeping bag from now on. Spooky little tale.

  15. Good buildup! Intriguing and spooky story.

  16. wrapped in satin, it was bliss and then….. 🙂 nice work

  17. Oh, that switch is so unsettling. To think you are just wrapped in something safe and warm and then to discover it is much more sinister!!

  18. “She was wrapped in satin, moving gently back and forth, dreaming, wakening.”

    Loved your opening — a bit of a twist at the end 🙂 Enjoyed!! RL

  19. Does NOT make me feeling like going camping. I’ll have to check my sleeping bag next time I’m in the attic…where there are spider webs. Uh, oh!

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