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leaves — poem friday fictioneers

September 6, 2012

This poem inspired by the photo prompt for Madison Woods. Please join us and become a Friday fictioneer. You can find the other stories at Madison’s web site.

memories, browning leaves so tenuously cling
to branch but rattle amidst the breeze
as if to say, I was here, mark my presence
lest I am forever gone

How glorious the shade ofย  summer
where we kicked off our shoes and
danced and lived protected from the sun
and hard harsh illumination

but autumn deepens as does night
and one by one they drift away
released floating just beyond our grasp
what shelter from a barren tree

  1. Lovely poem. Wistful.

  2. Wonderful poem and thanks for stopping by.
    I am number 55 on the list.
    (Zombies are waiting for next weeks photo prompt)

  3. This was lovely, the skill to write good poetry eludes me, and I’m a little in awe of people who can do it. Really lovely.

  4. As autumn is change, this flowing poem with lovely images is a delightful change (from your zombies). Thanks for visiting and commenting on mine.

    • thanks — I actually prefer poetry to all other forms of writing, it seems like it is the most emotive way to write.

      ( Laughing ), the zombies are resting a while….

  5. Beautiful image of the passing seasons and years. It’s familiar and iconic but fresh as you treat it. The last line really sings its question.

  6. I like the natural feel of this, very nicely done!

  7. Very nice and insightful. Your poem inspires me to offer a thought on your observation to Claireful: “…if leaves are our memories, at the end of autumn, what are we?” We are the progenitors of those memories which, like fallen leaves, enrich the soil where new ones grow from old roots and carry forth a recollection of their origins.

    • thanks, I am so glad you wrote that. When you write a poem, it is very personal, and this is why I try to write.

      And I very much like you cycle of life through memories and actions.


  8. A very evocative poem. Well done.

  9. Bill,
    I really enjoyed the line, “autumn deepens as does night” Beautifully written poem.

    • thanks – I appreciate your comment — sometimes as an older fellow it seems like autumn does deepen.

  10. Very pretty words, tinged with sadness. I liked the way you used the trees and house for metaphors of the shelter we all need from life’s trevails. Ron

  11. I like the Zeds but it’s a lovely day to be away from them for a week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I feel like I’ve been asked to pause, reflect, and remember – and it feels wonderful. Thank you for that quiet moment! Well done.

    You’ve visited us; thanks for your comment.

  13. Very wistful and gentle. I read it several times out loud. Lovely.

    • thanks for your kind words, if leaves are our memories, at the end of autumn, what are we?

  14. The turning of the seasons is always a point to stop and contemplate on life, what has gone and what is still to come. I really enjoyed the poem Bill and it happens to reflect my favourite season too – Autumn ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Very nostalgic, and moving. Enjoyed this Bill.

  16. Very Poignant.. Good times juts fly past leaving behind memories… nudging, beseeching during the dry, melancholic autumn days… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good piece!

  17. Summer is so fleeting. Of all the seasons it feels like it is never long enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I loved this wistful gem of a poem. An insightful and evokative description of summer’s memory and autumn’s charm.

  19. Very nice…this reads like something from those famous poets of years ago…Browning and Tennyson…very nice imagery, great use of words….NICE

    • thanks, I am old, but not “that” old ( laughing ) but I did read them as a youth, and I like how the change the order of words some times to make the meaning stand out. It is always nice when you stop by

  20. we kicked off our shoes and danced. I like that. and mark my presence lest I’m gone forever….poignant.
    I’m 23 on the list

    • thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it. not everything can remind me of zombies…

      I will stop by

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