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September 2, 2012

I am in a room, or a sort of a room, an area defined by curtains separating us. She has dark hair, and dark eyes, and is asking if I can speak. I nod, and my voice is there, weak hurting, she tells me it will come back, the breathing tube sometimes does that. It hurts. I’m sick, ready to vomit, but I have nothing to offer up. Her back is to me, and I wave my hand feebly, and call out. I know even in this quiet room she cannot hear me. Her partner is facing me, the two of them serve others here too. She comes over, and injects a clear fluid into my IV. I start to feel better and drift back to sleep.

Awake again, same place, they apologize, a delay getting the room prepared. I have not the energy to care. I will just wait here I think to myself, too drained to even say the words. The doctor was here to speak to me, or wasn’t. I can’t quite recall.

A man parts the curtains on my left, thin with grey hair and a rumpled white jacket. I notice his clipboard and his string bow tie and his eyes, they are very old.

“You’ve come for me then?” I know him but feel no fear. I will my voice to be strong, but it is weak unsteady.

“How did you recognize me? Most don’t you know.” The voice low and sonorous, the eyes still ice.

“The bow tie, and the eyes.” I must be dreaming, something’s gone wrong.

“Ah.. I’ll make a note of that.” He jots something on the clipboard, then returns his attention to me.

“But, I’m not ready.”

“Few are.” I try to sit, push the call button, where are the nurses?

“A deal, can we make a deal?” I don’t want to go with him, I must stall for time.

He smiles, and scratches his chin leisurely. Suddenly my heart fills with icy dread.

“Very well, which of your daughters will you give in your stead?”


From → fiction

  1. Was that his real reason … do you think?

  2. Oh,man, that is scary!

    • yeah — i thought about it some time ago when I awoke from cancer surgery. kind of a how bargains don’t always turn out the way you anticipate …

  3. TheOthers1 permalink

    Second creepy story I’ve read today. Like your description of death. That ending… how does he answer?

    • how would you answer?

      • TheOthers1 permalink

        I don’t have children, but I would like to believe I’d give myself before my child. You never know how you’ll behave until you’re in that situation though.

        • I think everyone would like to believe that they can outwit death…. some sacrifices are noble, and some are foolish… and we need to weigh the difference

          his answer should be, I am ready.

  4. Well done, and yes scary! I forgot about your fiction Blog.

    • thanks — I always appreciate your stopping by.

      the beginning was based on a surgery I went through earlier this year. When I was in high school Carlos Castaneda published several mystical books about a Mexican warlock/sorcerer which were very popular.

      One of the premises was that death was always dancing just beyond your left shoulder.

      I wondered what it would be like to speak with death, and what he might say..

      • A very interesting “Twilight Zone” type thought.

        • yes, I remember when that show first started. As a youngster I would get so scared I would have to run out of the room at the scary parts.

          But sometimes I think that the thought of death shadowing us is not depressing, but encouragement to live fully. Not foolishly, but fully

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