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tempered – haiku

August 31, 2012

Iron hones iron
tears tempered, glistening stones
diamonds slicing glass


From → haiku, poetry

  1. tamekamullins permalink

    So much sweetness in a small bite. Lovely write!

  2. hypercryptical permalink

    So much meaning in so few words. Excellent.
    Anna :o]

  3. I have to say, this is one of the best haikus i’ve ever read. it’s a keeper.

  4. Haiku with a scriptural theme…sharp!

  5. love that last line. Are the tears of line 2 the diamonds of line 3? That’s the cool thing about haiku is that they can be understood in so many different ways.

  6. I think tears are like tiny little diamonds….symbols of strength. Very powerful haiku. 🙂

  7. So true.. there is no strength like the stream of human
    tears that can melt the strongest iron
    of diamond death in life…:)

  8. What depth in such few words… Each one affects one

  9. Bill,
    This is so – I do not how to explain it, it is so Asian. And I mean that in a very good way. I hope you are not offended.

    We often speak in metaphors, especially for pantun and sernyu, and so your haiku speaks to me on so many levels.

    • I’ll steal a line from Tolkien and say – “the praise of the praiseworthy is beyond all reward” – thanks

  10. Lean and meaningful!

  11. Very evocative lines, Bill. Tears can indeed evince strength rather than weakness.

  12. I love the tempered haiku ~ This packs a punch Bill ~

  13. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    Your last comment is bang on, for blogging, surfing the web, & writing poetry is excellent for what ails you; love the haiku, & dig the duplicity, the truth of tears.

  14. It is always interesting how we all affect each other. All the many levels involved

    • almost 400 years ago John Donne said, “No man is an island” – and it remains true

  15. wonderful.. love the many layers in this Bill… a fresh view on haiku. We affect each other both in symmetry and asymmetry.

  16. so each “thing” finds its “master” – i find this rather fascinating

  17. Few words say lots sometimes.

    • thanks – yes that is the beauty of poetry

      how are you? You had a recent post that was sad. Are you OK?

      • You are so sweet to ask. I’m fine, especially considering the circumstance. Mom will be hospiced at my beautiful niece’s. This MOW I’m on will be finished in 7 days, and I will be able to stay there 24/7 as well. I feel I need to be my happy self for her and my family. This morning I finished and posted something I had started just before the news came in. Blogging is a good therapy. ♥

        • there will be happy moments even in hospice ( hard to believe ) but just be your honest self.

          agreed blogging is good therapy

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