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zeds # 10 friday fictioneers zombies

August 30, 2012

Madison Wiids Friday Flash Fiction Prompt

This is a Friday Fictioneer story prompted by the above picture. If you would like to join us, please visit Madison’s website and put forth your 100 words.

Continued from Zeds-9

Surreal clouds held her prisoner. They fueled her rage, her hate. It comforted her to be enfolded in malice, part of the whole, to do its will. It hungered. She hungered for flesh, death to all others.

Something golden, warm was calling. She reached toward it, wanting it to save her hoping beyond hope, wanting to rend and tear it, wanting blood.

It was Reaper calling softly “come back, come back…..”

Sweat poured from her, Reaper bled from bites and scratches. She dropped her head ashamed.


“The hive is calling you. To claim your body to birth a demon.”

“What can we do?”

“We must destroy the hive.”

  1. Chilling…Creepy. I also thought of Rosemary’s Baby. She and her demon baby may need an exorcist after all. Thanks for visiting mine.

  2. eeewwwww, really good creepy story!

  3. eeewwwwww, very good for creepy!

  4. Ick, knew it, she was hungry, and dreaming… But I didn’t think she’ll be trying to eat Reaper on her sleep. Haha. As much as it is scary, I find it bit funny too 🙂

  5. The resistance to an awful, irrisistible will. I think these stories are birthing a novel. If so, I’d love to read it.

    • thanks! A whole novel is daunting, but 100 work outlines might be doable to build a plot. appreciate your stopping by…

  6. Pilates? wow… I think I’d need something stronger than that! 🙂 I enjoyed this one – and last weeks. Beautiful imagery. Nice take on the nearly-zombie POV.

    • thank you Rachael, I imagine demons insist on being only children, in a terrible way. I have never done pilaties, but I hear they are very good for you. ( smile )

      thanks for stopping by.

  7. A modern version of Rosemarie’s Baby on the horizon? I love what you did with the photo too. Much more clever than just turning it upside down 🙂

    • thanks — i think she will be in heat until the hive is cleansed. appreciate your stopping by.

  8. TheOthers1 permalink

    “It hungered. She hungered for flesh.” Loved those two lines. Zombie stories aren’t usually my thing, but I’ve been enjoying the continuation of this tale.

  9. Nice job of portraying her struggle.

  10. Dear Billgncs,

    Zed world. Grim and dark. Really enjoying your take on TEOTWAWKI. Very cool.



    P.S. Thanks for visiting mine earlier today.

  11. Resistance is futile. Interesting zombie perspective. You never think of it from their POV. Birthing a demon doesn’t sound pleasant.

  12. Birthing a demon – what a prospect. This is coming along nicely.

  13. I’m not sure I’ve ever read anything from the point of view of a zombie before. I like it. You articulated her internal struggle really well.

  14. I ratehr doubt birthing a demon will be pleasant…go for the clouds! Remain a prisoner

    • yep — need lots of Pilates after something like that. looks like they have to kill the hive.

      thanks for reading. – bw

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