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debit cart – poem – reason2rhyme

August 20, 2012

Karen at reason to rhyme has suggested we write a poem to or about new jargon. Stop by and give it a try.

When I was young banks had a teller
My favorite wore a dress of yeller
But now I have a debit card
and getting money’s twice as hard.

So many codes to keep in sync
It’s enough to drive a man to drink
Then from driving I abstain
Did I mention getting money’s such a pain?

Other drivers seem to find
I drive as one who might be blind
But ATM’s never seem to fail
to offer me a chance at braille.

  1. Ha! What fun – and I hear you on the debit card woes. It’s been especially hard to teach children that the card is not an endless supply of buying power. With cash, you can see when it is all gone!

  2. Ha! Great one for us old folk!

  3. I like the braille.
    I often find myself fingering and lingering around and on those little dots… getting lost in those tiny word worlds.

  4. Great! and boy, do I sympathize! Makes you want to keep your money in a Mason jar buried in the backyard. Digging it up would be easier!

  5. Me likes 🙂

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