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Skull Zeds – 7 Friday fictioneers

August 15, 2012

Once again Madision Woods has graced the Friday Fictioneers with a picture prompt. Visit her and join the fun.

Madison Woods photo prompt

Reaper, long sword always with him, stood closest. The Quartermaster explained, “Skulls mark territories, inside safe, outside a hunting zone.”

This skull, testament to years of struggle seemed a harbinger of more.

“Hunting zone?”, the boy asked, puzzled.

Reaper responded softly, “Out there we hunt them. Unless there’s a hive, then they hunt us.”

Silence followed, each man thoughts turned inward, questioning heart and will. No one noticed the girl approach Reaper, smooth silent heel to toe strides, left hand out, as if shielding the sun from her eyes.

She touched him, “Take me with you, I can find the hive.”

  1. Russell permalink

    Very good story. A brave little girl, ready to take on the hives. I loved your comment, “look for a tree with a big ash hole.” It cracked me up 🙂

  2. Ominous, with just the right amount of information to keep us wondering what’s going on – and what lives in this hive. Strong character too, in such a short space.

    Brian (

  3. I like how fearless the girl is and I hope to see more of this story.
    Thank you for your kind words and for visiting mine.

  4. I can’t say I’m very confident in Reaper’s ability to take out a hive if he didn’t even notice the girl coming up on him.

  5. Hives are never good. Unless you are in the honey making business….

    Well crafted – an enjoyable story.

  6. Have read your previous Zed stories and am looking forward to installment #8.

  7. rochellewisoff permalink

    I’m guessing there’s more to this girl than meets the story, yes? Well written. Thanks for taking me along for the ride.

  8. All I can say is…she is one brave, strong girl. Nice work. I’m #30 on the list.

  9. She is fearless.

  10. Well done, Bill! Love how you condensed such impact into 100 words…..

    • thanks, I think this helps my writing because it forces me to choose action verbs and streamline the sentences

      I am especially glad you enjoyed it.

  11. I’ll pass on the ‘hive-finding’. Nicely done.

  12. The war against the insects is still afoot, and this just takes it up a notch. Nice!

  13. Lord knows I could never be that little girl. Very nice

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