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economic cents — reason 2 rhyme — poem

August 13, 2012

Karen at reason to rhyme has suggested we write a poem to or about an inanimate object. Stop by and give it a try.

alas poor penny upon the floor
does no one want you anymore ?
my children pause, forbear to stoop
and pocket you in one deft swoop

A penny saved, a penny earned ?
How is it now that you are spurned?
When I was young you were just dandy
a bubble gum or wrapped hard candy

But I will stop, it’s no mistake
youthful habits, so hard to break
I remember, or so I think
when you were copper instead of zinc

  1. Congratulations on being the random winner!
    I would have chosen you – no randomness there.
    The poem was simply great.

    Congratulations again.


  2. Awwww….the poor penny! I’ve noticed, too, how unwanted it has become. Lovely rhymes here, and a nice contrast between then and now. Great job!

  3. A piece of licorice or a tootsie roll. The memories of childhood this evokes. Like it.

  4. That is great!!!!!!!! I loved it. Still smiling.
    No penny’s worth of thoughts or poetry, it was a silver dollar’s worth. (still smiling) Randy

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