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postcard – -poetry, rhyme to reason

August 6, 2012

for Rhyme 2 reason — postcard stop by and join the fun…. a postcard and reply….

I sit in Avignon where kings once played
Surrounded by fortresses
Grim, imposing, locked
Hard against attack and hurt

We sip our wine
Bathed in sun delight
and I wonder about
the trembling child within

If she laughed,
splashed in the fountains
climbed trees held hands
and explored mysteries of long ago

Oh that you were near….

Avignon France, 2012

The nights are cold
and lonely now
and part of me longs
that I were there

But we both agreed
this needed break
might help me
to love again

I must remain
apart from you
until I can risk the pain

USA — 2012

  1. I think the opening line is just so alluring. It sets the scene perfectly, and you did a wonderful job of connecting memories, wonderings, and the present.

  2. Scarlet Rose Creations permalink

    Lovely! Beautiful lines create some lovely images in my head.

  3. Yes, I like this, Bill. Wish I had done a romance postcard now. 🙂

    • thanks Eric — I tried to view yours, but I must be the only non-facebook person left. I hope to see it sometime.

  4. Beautifully written.

  5. TheOthers1 permalink

    I like this. I wonder about that girl, too.

    • maybe I just imagined her. But she’s frightened, in a fortress of her own making, but unsure if she can dare to be soft and love.

      With some guidance, she will be OK

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